I confess…


that everyone loves a good confession, right? There’s no shame in my game, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

I confess…

I have no self-control when it comes to Thin Mints. No joke, I pretty much won’t stop until I puke.

I’ve been having a small case of writer’s block. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I don’t have a single second to breathe these days and I’m always up late doing it last minute.

I’ve cleaned my closet out but can’t bring myself to drop the garbage bags of clothes at Goodwill. There are so many fab pieces in there and I have such a hard time letting go.

I confess I have full shopping carts in like 10 different stores online. Just waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger…

I’ve been completely unorganized and can’t seem to get my shit together. Like I literally do not know where the hours in the day go.

I have a dentist appointment this morning and I’m extremely nervous. I feel like I’ve been grinding my teeth and I don’t know what he’s going to say about that…

I have way too many products. Super lucky to get so many products sent to me but not enough time to use them all. And yet for some reason I buy some every now and again.


I’m confused about baby #3. Do we want another? Can we handle another? When will it be the right time? Do I really want to be pregnant again? Or give birth again? Will I be spreading myself too thin?

I need to join the gym and just start going. But I always think “there’s work or cleaning to be done, I don’t have time for the gym.” But I know I need to for so many reasons. 1) I’m out of shape (I get winded walking up the stairs) and 2) it will be good for my anxiety. Looks like I need to do some planning and get my rear in gear.

It upsets me when family and friends don’t read my blog. You think they would be your #1 supporter right? Ehh not always the case.

I confess I completely pampered myself last week and I don’t even feel bad about it. Mama needed it like woah.

I confess I can’t walk into Target and not buy something completely unnecessary. I mean, can we just pretend 100 pads of stationary, Easter egg trees and gold dishes are totally necessities?

Well that wasn’t too bad, was it? What do you want to confess? Let it out below ladies!





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