If you don’t know, now you know.

Photo credit: Amy Hess Photography 
I just discovered that Cool Whip and Graham Crackers make one of the best desserts ever.
I am obsessed with Dance Moms.
I always think I forget to lock my car or shut the garage. And I always go back and check.
I met N’Sync when I was in 5th grade. J.C called me cutie and I thought I was hot shit.
I used to have braces, retainers and wait for it, a headgear. So. Embarrassing.
I drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day.
I dropped my Spanish minor second semester of college. I decided to take Italian for fun and it screwed with my Spanish.
I bite my nails. But am going strong after a gel manicure two weeks ago!
I don’t eat any type of sushi with raw fish in it.
Z and I went to the same college but didn’t meet until after he graduated. Yes, I’m a year older… robbing the cradle!
I’ve had my nose pierced. Twice. And kind of want to get it pierced…again.
I worked at Dairy Queen all through high school and on and off during breaks in college. We didn’t serve food there, just ice cream, and it was seriously one of the best jobs ever.
I’m technically still enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography but haven’t had time to finish. I would love to find that time soon!
I have a passion for event planning and interior decorating.
I was in a sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha.
I used to dance. Tap and jazz until high school and then I was on my high school dance team.
I’m Irish, Italian, and Bohemian.
What are some things I don’t know about you?!




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