25 Christmas Books for Kids

Most of my kids love to read. And I say most because now that they’re getting older, being assigned to read chapter books vs. choosing fun picture books can be a lot different. However, we love to read as a family and reading Christmas books by the tree or fireplace has always been one of my favorite traditions.

I used to wrap 24 Christmas books and have the kids unwrap one each day leading up till Christmas. Well, it was fun the first year because they were all new books as we built our collection and it was something fun. However, 9 years later, I’ve just decided that’s a lot of effort and to be honest, a waste of my wrapping paper. So now, we just keep them in a bin near the fireplace and choose a new one each night. But if you’re just starting your collection, that’s a fun way to do it 🙂

We’ve collected a lot of books over the years and today I wanted to share 25 Christmas Books for Kids!

Polar Express: I think this one gets less attention because of the movie but I highly recommend reading this book to your littles and then watching the movie together. Complete with pajamas and hot cocoa!

The Night Before Christmas: Obviously a classic; my Grandma actually sent the kids this recordable version of her reading it and I love that they will have that forever.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: I still have my original copy from when I was little. So magical.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Watching the short on TV was always one of my favorite kick offs to Christmas. But I love the message this book has and it’s a great one to spread to children.

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas: We love this entire series and there’s a special light up surprise at the end of this Christmas themed one!

Santa Claus is on his way to my house: We have ones that are specific to Ohio and D.C since that’s where we lived at the time we bought them! But this is the general one! But check here and see if they have your state, they’re fun for the kids to recognize landmarks!

Pete the Cat saves Christmas: Another favorite series for a lot of kids so the Christmas version is a good one!

Can’t wait till Christmas: This one is a good lesson about waiting for gifts and not spoiling the surprise early!

Clifford’s First Christmas: Another loved series over the years and who doesn’t love baby Clifford?!

Elmo’s 12 Days of Christmas: This was a favorite of ours when the kids were little!

Disney 5-Minute Christmas stories: We love this series of books so we added the Christmas version to our collection this year! Love that there are multiple stories in one book!

A Very Marley Christmas: Marley is always getting into trouble and who doesn’t love a little mischief?!

Santa’s Workshop: This is a fun lift-the-flap book for the littles!

Reindeer on the Roof: Comes with a stuffed reindeer and unlike Elf on the Shelf, you can touch this one!

The Very Snowy Christmas: A cute board book for kids!

Merry Christmas Curious George: Another fan favorite among kids! I find kids that my kids have a longer attention span when they recognize the characters.

Biscuits Christmas Story Book collection: We love the Biscuit books and I love that this book features 9 different stories in one!

5 More Sleeps ’til Christmas: We don’t own this one yet but who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon?

How to Catch an Elf: My kids are always thinking of ways to try to catch the Elf on the Shelf and Santa so I think they’re going to love this one!

Christmas in the Manger: Teaches kids about the true meaning of Christmas.

The Snowy Day: This is another classic and perfect for all winter long.

Elf: We LOVE the movie so I think they’re going to love this book as well!

The Joy of Giving: The Berenstain Bears are another one of our favorites and I love that they always include a good lesson in their stories.

The Littlest Christmas Tree: Sister book to The Littlest Pumpkin.

The Littlest Reindeer: A great lesson that small can be mighty too and to never give up!

Reading is such an amazing thing to do as a family and with your littles. And before they’re too old and too cool for reading Christmas stories by the tree, I highly recommend these books. Did I leave any out? Let me know below! xo



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