Live YOUR Life.

Do you ever feel that no matter how old you are, how established you are in life, or how long you’ve been making your own decisions, that people still have a say on things?

Do you ever feel like people look at how you spend your money, how you dress your kids, when you buy a house, or what kind of car you buy and think “can they afford that?”

Do you ever think so much about what other people are going to think and say that you question what’s best for your family?

When Z and I first met, I knew there was talk; to our faces, behind our backs, and on social media. Everything happened so fast and of course, everyone had something to say about how we were rushing things, we barely knew each other, and that the army lifestyle wasn’t the life for me. Of course we had the support from our families, but “friends” and some “family” made it pretty clear “we were in the wrong.”

When we got pregnant with Bubba, I wasn’t excited. My first thought? What were people going to say? Looking back, it is so sad that I couldn’t share the most exciting news in our lives. 

We’ve been talking a lot lately about Baby #2. And of course, everyone and their mother has something to say.

We’ve weighed the pros and cons so many times, but when it comes down to it, we need to do what’s best for our family. 

Our biggest deciding factor? GOD forbid, Z gets deployed again and something happens.

 As the wife of a soldier, it is an all too real possibility. I know, I can’t live my life thinking that he’s going to die in combat, and I don’t. However, I have to be prepared and fully understand and accept the risks. Will he get deployed again? I don’t know. Will he get injured? I don’ know. Will he come home alive? I don’t know. 

Life is full of uncertainty. I could live to be 100 years old, or I could walk across the street, get hit by a car, and die tomorrow. Why are we waiting for life to happen when we should be living it? 

When it all comes down to it, it’s going to happen when it’s meant to happen. Am I going to go Duggar Style on you and pop out 20 kids? Absolutely not. However, I believe that in God’s due time, we will be blessed with Miracle #2. 

I’m not concerned with the decisions of others. You want to have 20 kids? Best of luck! You want to elope and get married in Vegas? Viva Las Vegas! You want to shop at Goodwill and drive a Porsche? Vroom Vroom baby. 

More often than not, people have reasoning for why they do what they do. Maybe they have cancer, or are going through a divorce, or mourning the loss of a loved one. Maybe their child is sick, or they won the lottery, or they’ve filed for bankruptcy. WE don’t know. WE are not the higher power and WE are not in control. 

Some people are going to talk no matter what you do, good or bad; some people make everything their business. Do your best to stay clear of this, and never let anyone make you feel like you’re making the wrong decision. 

You know you and God knows you, more than the average Joe hiding behind his computer or spreading nasty gossip through the grapevine. 

Do what’s best for you. Do what’s best for your family. Do what YOU want. If no one else will be standing next to you in your decisions, the Big Man will be…

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” – Proverb




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