Conscious Cleanse: Here we go!

I’m going to be honest with you; my favorite foods are sushi, pizza, mac and cheese, Fettucini Alfredo, and frozen Oreos. I know, real healthy. Of course I love salad, fruits and steamed veggies too, but given a choice, I’d choose something from the first list every time. 

So when I was approached about participating in the Conscious Cleanse this month, you can imagine the thoughts running through my head. No chocolate? No coffee? NO CHEESE? What is this?!

However, I know the importance of eating healthy and becoming in tune with our bodies and becoming health conscious is something I really want to do not only for myself but for my Bubba (and future babies). 

So ladies and gentleman, it begins tomorrow. 

I’m going to need all the support I can get! I’m kind of weak when it comes to snacking off Bubba’s tray and I’m going to try my hardest to stay out of the house during the day to avoid snacking. 

Today is the last of the transition days…

Transition days: Slowly easing your way into the cleanse. Each day, we remove something from our diet. How hard can that be?



Although today is still a transition day, it’s basically game on. We’ve already transitioned from anything with sugar, caffeine, dairy, and anything with gluten in it.. so it’s basically begun. 

We started our morning out with a quart of warm water and lemon. The lemon water; not so bad.

My first taste of a “Green Smoothie”… absolutely horrendous. It tasted like I was drinking a liquid salad. Once I added half of a banana and some cherries to it, it was at least tolerable. Z on the other hand, still hated it. However, we made the commitment and we’re sticking to it, so bottoms up…

We were starving an hour after our smoothies and decided to snack on some nuts. Since we already had a giant container of them at home, this may be a little frowned upon. 

Peanuts are a no no but they are in the mixed nuts we have and I’m on a budget here, sorry!

Zach had some turkey, but I just chugged some water. 

For lunch I baked some chicken with a little olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and tossed it into a large salad. 

Of course, I was hungry a few hours later and we snacked on some grapes. I’m very bad at drinking water so I’ve really been trying to work on that this weekend. 

Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s terrible, but boy did Bubba’s PB &J look good today…

For dinner, we’re planning on steamed veggies and brown rice. Doesn’t sound terrible, right? 

Thanks for the support on Instagram and Twitter ladies! Please keep it up 🙂 

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