Hello Friday… nice to see you! The kids have been home all week for Spring Break and to be honest, it went more smoothly than I thought! It could be the fact that my husband gets home from work everyday at 3:30 but still, we made it through the week with minimum meltdowns…from me that is…

We had one nice day so we made the most out of our time outside! We went to the playground, rode bikes, and took the dogs for the walk. The rest of the week was mostly rainy so we did finger paint, made forts, and watched movies. We had planned to go to the indoor playground one day but my friend said the line was out the door and I wasn’t about that life. So instead, we took the money we would have spent there, went to Target to pick out a toy and then went out to lunch. They were just as happy! Haha

I also got my extensions out because it was becoming too hard to keep them up while pregnant. You definitely need to dry them every time you wash them and I just didn’t have the time or energy. So Holly took them out and gave my color an update! And I have to say, I’m not missing my extensions just yet! I’m sure I will but they can always go back in once I have the time 🙂

And now onto this week’s bumpdate: 22 weeks!

How far along: 22 weeks + 4 days

Size of baby: COCONUT!

Baby’s size and weight: 10.9 in and 15.1 ounces

My total weight gain: 27 pounds

Baby’s development: 

More developed eyes and lips.

Baby is sleeping in cycles of 12-14 hours a day

Baby is growing and invading much more of my space!

Stretch marks: Nothing significant.

Maternity clothes:  Just received a super cute pair of white Seven jeans that I’m excited about! And if you missed it, here are the best places to find maternity clothes!

Gender: Girl.. Piper Rose! We’ve been using her name more and more too so it feels more real.

Movement: She’s a maniac. I think the kids may have felt her the other day but I never really know if they’re feeling her or just saying that!

Sleep: Still taking Unisom, half a pill nightly.

What I miss: Drinking wine!

Food cravings: I’ve been getting the Starbucks Pink Drink like it’s my job. It’s so refreshing and hits the spot every time! Apparently they’re awesome for milk production so I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon!

Symptoms: Lower back pain, sleeping sucks.

The siblings are: all signed up for their big sibling class! I don’t think N cares but P is excited. They’ll learn how to hold the baby, see where the baby is going to be born, etc. I also received their shirts this week and I’m obsessed! If you need custom shirts, check out my girl Whitney!

High of the week: Spending quality time with the kiddos while they were home on break. I also treated myself to a new purse, which will double as a diaper bag once baby is here! I’ve been wanting this one FOREVER and when I found it lightly preloved and for a price I couldn’t pass up, I bit the bullet! If you want a designer bag but without the price tag, save some $$ on your first purchase with this link! 

Low of the week:  We were back at the doctor with P this week because she started having knee pain to the point where she couldn’t walk. Just like N had a few weeks ago. So the doctor said it’s probably some weird virus that both of them had that just shows up in their joints/legs. Weird right? She had strep a few weeks ago so it may be left over from that and just manifesting in weird ways. Super scary but I’m just keeping an eye on it and it should just go away on it’s own!


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