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Easter Weekend Recap


Good morning friends and happy Monday! I’m not sure how this weekend went by so quickly (Z even had off Friday!) but it flew by. And it’s almost April? Like seriously, time needs to slow down.

Friday we took the kids to play at their favorite indoor spot and then finally watched The Good Dinosaur. Not as good as I expected it to be but the kids loved it. We had our standard Friday night pizza dinner and called it an early night. I have seriously been so tired the past couple of weeks and cannot seem to catch up on my sleep. Welcome to motherhood I suppose, right?

Z took the kids Saturday morning for a little daddy/kid time while I went to the eye doctor for my annual exam. Thankfully my prescription hasn’t changed but I’m thinking I need to get some new frames. I don’t wear my glasses often but I don’t even know if my current pair is the right prescription. Maybe one day I’ll tell y’all about the time I exaggerated my eye exam in fourth grade because I wanted to be cool and wear glasses. And I probably have terrible eyes now because I became dependent on the glasses. That’s really all there is to the story so there ya go haha.


Anyways, the rest of Saturday was spent doing yard work, playing Toy Story Yahtzee, Kinetic Sand, and coloring Easter Eggs. Saying the kids were exhausted by the end of it would have been an understatement. Which meant early to bed and mommy and daddy could go line dancing! Being that it was Easter weekend, they were throwing a themed “bunny” party- what I can only assume referred to Playboy bunnies. But those types of theme parties are long gone for me so this was as “themed” as I was getting.


I woke up before anyone else on Sunday morning and couldn’t wait to see if the Easter bunny had visited. I patiently awaited everyone else to wake up and the kids were so excited to see the eggs scattered everywhere. We have enough candy to last us until Halloween so we’re going to have to hide it before these kids rot their teeth and I get put in a loony bin for dealing with their sugar high shenanigans.

I cooked a BOMB breakfast; Eggs in a Nest, Potatoes O’brien, bacon, and homemade gravy. Yup, it was as good as it sounds. I quickly transitioned from breakfast to lunch as I made my speciality, Ham and Potatoes, to bring to our friends’ house for dinner. More food, another egg hunt, and some quality time with friends and they were exhausted yet again. Fingers crossed they wake up on time for school today…without attitudes.


Z and I could barely keep our eyes open for The Walking Dead last night but there’s no way we could head into Monday without seeing it. Spoilers… the struggle is real.

How did you celebrate yesterday? Hope it was wonderful 🙂 xo




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