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Things that annoy me.

Well for starters, Friday doesn’t annoy me. Especially when it’s a 4 day weekend for my husband and that means extra time we get to spend together… HOLLA!
But anyways, I’ve seen a bunch of stuff floating around recently and just realized there are certain things that rub me the wrong way and I just need to get it off my chest.
SO I’m sorry if this offends you, because seeing this offended me. So we’re all entitled to our own opinions, right?
It’s annoying when you complain about your husband being on a business trip for a week. To somewhere like Hawaii or California or somewhere where he will be wined and dined and forced to listen to hours of training.. GASP! The horror!
It’s annoying when parents try to act like their kids are THE SMARTEST KID ALIVE and really, they’re not. All kids are great and I know, we all think our kids are the best. But don’t lie about how advanced your kid is. Just don’t do it.
It’s annoying when people lie in general. Like, I heard you say something and you telling me you didn’t isn’t going to work.
I’m annoyed when I see you making out in public. #getaroom #youregross
It’s annoying when people post 100 statues everyday on Facebook. Right, totally your prerogative. But I may unfriend you or block you from my newsfeed if this is the case. And that’s my prerogative.
It’s annoying we ARE STILL IN AFGHANISTAN. I just watched Lone Survivor last night and it makes me so angry. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.
I’m annoyed by the amount of bugs that attack me when I walk outside my house. They should make giant nets that you can wear when you walk around. Next trend?
I’m annoyed that I’ve had packages sitting in my dining room for MONTHS and have no time to go to the post office. I think today may be the day kids…
Call me a Debbie Downer but I just woke up in a mood and felt the need to share my Scrooge side. It could be the fact that I was awake until 12:30 a.m. last night or maybe the fact that I have this constant nauseous feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling right before you get on a roller coaster? That anxious I’m-not-so-sure-I-want-to-go-on-this-ride feeling? Yeah, except I can’t choose whether or not I want to ride the ride; I’m being dragged on kicking and screaming.
SO with that, I hope everyone has a great weekend. Keep the prayers coming please… I’m not giving up hope yet.
And I promise, I won’t be such a pain in the ass Monday…


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