Southern style tips.

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As a born and raised midwestern girl, I’m used to dressing for all four seasons. And when we were stationed in Fort Drum, NY, it was pretty much the same as Ohio. And now, now I find myself in two seasons: hot, and hotter.
Most of my wardrobe down here consists of shorts, dresses, t-shirts, and tank tops. And when people say it’s flip flop weather all year round, they certainly aren’t kidding. It’s literally been above 90 degrees 90% of the time we’ve been down here since last December. But who’s keeping track, right?
How do you stay cool while dressing functional and appropriately for the weather?
Here are a few tips:
Layer: While some mornings it may be cooler, you can bet your first born child that it’s going to be in the 90’s by lunch time. So if it’s chilly in the morning, don’t reach for the long sleeve or sweater. Go with a cardigan, kimono, scarf, etc.


Dove: I can’t say enough about Dove Advanced Care deodorant. Right before I received these samples, I was using a different brand that made me itch like CRAZY. Since switching, I haven’t had a single issue. Dry and odor free for 48 hours? Sure, sign me up.
Loose clothing: One of Erin Walsh’s style tips was to wear loose clothing. And I totally agree. However, not too loose. Too loose will make you look unshapely and this is a huge fashion no no. You want to feel confident and embrace your best assets.
Pattern mixing: Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially in the summer. Throw a t-shirt over your maxi dress or rock a stripe tank with a polka dot skirt. I say pattern mixing but I also mean mix different pieces that you might normally shy away from.
Embrace the messy hair: My hair is up in a messy bun 90% off the time. And Erin Walsh agrees, it’s the perfect chance to show off your arms and shoulders. Don’t be afraid to rock sleeveless tops… or the messy bun 🙂
Setting spray: I don’t leave the house without it. I got mine at Victoria’s Secret and it keeps my makeup in place. Otherwise, this mama’s face is melting the minute I step outside.
I may not love the south right now but I’m trying to embrace it. Because come the next few years, I’ll be back in Ohio and living in hoodies 1/2 the year. And right now, that doesn’t sound so bad!
What tips do you have to beat the southern heat?
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