My thoughts on sponsored posts.

Gasp, sponsored posts. Do I dare discuss them? I’ve talked a little about them before and I just wanted to dive a little further into the topic and let you know the thought process behind taking a sponsored post, when I post them, and the reason for them. 
When I first started blogging, I had no idea that it would open up the doors it has. I’ve “met” amazing women, been given unbelievable opportunities and yes, been paid to blog. Was this my intent when I first started? Absolutely not. I started blogging because writing was the best thing I found to do when I was stressed about Z being deployed. Worrying about him blowing up and not making it home on a daily basis became a lot for me to handle while pregnant and I needed an outlet. 
Well around the four month mark of switching to Hooah and Hiccups from my previous blog on WordPress, I began receiving emails from companies and had NO idea what to think. Was this real? Was it a trick? Were they really going to send me products to try and write about? 
Well turns out, it wasn’t a trick, and I began taking anything and everything I was offered. It became overwhelming and I started realizing it was work at that point. I had nothing to say about some of the stuff and I felt obligated because I had already accepted it. 
So I started becoming more picky and would only accept products I needed, used, or thought others might be interested in. Well than I started receiving emails and invitations to get paid cash for campaigns, shoppertunities, sponsored posts, etc. It was like the sky had opened and “Alleluia” was being sung by a chorus. I could get paid to write? Well hell yeah, that sounds like my kind of gig. 
So I began applying, accepting, and committing to everything under the sun. But again, I found myself wondering why I accepted it, just because I was getting paid to write about it. It became work again and I hated it. 
So once again, I became more particular on what I chose to write about. And that’s where I am right now. But I just wanted to clear the air about a few things because I don’t want to be called a “sellout” or a “sponsored” blog because I am neither one of those things. Yes, I occasionally get paid to write about certain topics or companies, and yes, sometimes I commit before I think about what I’m committing to. 
But from this point forward, I will only be accepting and committing to opportunities I really want or that I know you guys will like to see. Of course, I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t like seeing the money come in and having a somewhat “second” income. Because let’s face it, I’ve been on the move for the past three years of my life and getting a job is not as easy as I wish it could be. And to top it all off, we’re moving again and adding another baby into the mix and I have completely overwhelmed myself in the process. 
So yes, you may still see some sponsored posts around here from time to time; all of which will be posted in the afternoon or evening and after my normal blog content has been posted for the day. 
And if there’s one thing I hope you’ll keep in mind is that we are all bloggers and we all have our own niches, strengths, and passions. Please stop bashing other bloggers for taking sponsored posts or posting certain content. It’s their blog and they can do whatever they damn well please. If you don’t like sponsored posts, skip over them. If you don’t like the fact that someone is running a certain series, don’t read those posts and come back in a few weeks. 
Blogging is a creative outlet and we all deserve to express ourselves in whatever way we find necessary. And if that means taking sponsored posts here and there, so be it. There’s no need for Mean Girls 2 (actually there is a Mean Girls 2 and it’s terrible, but you get my point). 
So to recap, yes, I have taken sponsored posts in the past that I regret taking. They had nothing to do with my blog’s content and style but at the time, the compensation won and I shouldn’t have let it. But moving forward, I will only be taking sponsored posts/working on campaigns that I find fun and relevant to my blog, family, and all of you. And they will be posted in the afternoon/evening so, avoid them if you want 🙂 
What are your thoughts on sponsored posts? How do you balance? 


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