May is for Moms: Interview with Bubba

Well ladies, we’re on the last week of May is for Moms! It’s been SO much fun seeing everyone’s relationships with their mommies and babies. It’s such an unbelievable bond and until I became a mother, I never really understood how rewarding it is. Although Bubba is too little to answer these questions on his own, I’ll go ahead and answer them for him 🙂 

1. What is your favorite thing that you and I do together?
You love to play outside! We play basketball, take walks, and go to the park. You also love wrestling and playing with cars, and of course, being silly! 

2. What is something important I have taught you that you will always remember? (i.e. Be nice to everyone, Always make your bed, etc.)

I’m going to teach you to be honest, always. No matter what it is, I will be there for you and support you. Honesty is SO important and always the best policy. I will lessen your punishment if you always tell the truth 😉

3. What is your most special memory about me?

I hope you’ll know how much I love you. It literally hurts me to love you so much because I know one day, you’re going to want nothing to do with me. I hope you’ll always be a mama’s boy and want to snuggle for many more years to come.

4. What is something nice I always say to you?

I always tell you I love you and how proud I am of you. You’re an absolute genius and I’m so blessed and honored to call you my son. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of telling you I love you, and hopefully you don’t get too annoyed with me either.

5. How are you and I the same? How are we different?

I don’t think we’re different at all; we’re literally twins. You get mad when you’re hungry, you know what you want when you want it, and you’re super stubborn. You don’t like being told no, you’re such a lover, and you’re super sweet. You make my heart melt <3

Thanks to Amy for organizing this and for everyone linking up! Now go enjoy your babies 🙂 


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