Incorporating Honestly Good meals into my busy day

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I’ve been one super busy mama with my hubby away and my toddler running wild! On top of that, I’m pregnant and trying to pay attention to what goes into my body for the baby’s sake. 

Would you believe me if I told you this was a frozen meal? Or this one? Because I would have had NO idea had I not cooked it myself!

With limited time in my day and most of my attention on my little one, I sometimes eat whatever he’s eating or pick at snacks here and there. I’ve gained a lot of weight with this baby and am trying to watch what I consume for everyone’s sake. Because of that, I was super excited to try these new Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meals I found at Target. 
They’re made of 100% all natural and wholesome ingredients, which makes me feel a lot better about making a quick frozen meal. 
I’m not going to lie, meats in frozen dinners sometimes make me queasy because they seem super processed and don’t taste like I’m eating real meat. I was skeptical to try these because of my past experiences but once I opened them and took my first bite, I instantly changed my mind! 

They even look better than most frozen meals do when you take them out of the box. And I LOVED that you could add your own sauce! Add it all or just a little, and it keeps the food from getting soggy while it’s cooking or tasting overly processed. 
First, I tried the Roasted Red Pepper Chicken. I was super impressed with the taste! There weren’t that many noodles (which I guess is the point, we don’t need as much pasta as we tend to grab), but I loved the flavors and wasn’t worried about biting into a “gross” piece of chicken (I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about). 

I also tried the Pineapple Black Pepper Beef. I thought this one was awesome! I also felt like the portion was a little larger and kept this pregnant mama fuller longer 🙂 

How pretty do those look?! On top of the great taste, great ingredients, and great look of these meals, Lean Cuisine and farmers are also donating a portion of the vegetables grown for these meals to local communities.
These meals were only $4.49 each, which is comparable to grabbing lunch out with a friend or dare I say it, resorting to fast food. And these are MUCH better for you and taste a heck of a lot better as well.
So next time you make a Target shopping trip (which I know you will!) give them a try and let me know what you think!


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