Ohio Recap; Part I

Let’s face it: Ohio isn’t the most exciting place to grow up. Most people think it’s cornfields and farms, but I can assure you where we are from is far from that. No I’ve never milked a cow, I don’t own a tractor, and yes we have electricity and indoor plumbing.

In fact, my parents live in a private lake community and it’s nothing short of paradise. A lake complete with boating, fishing, and swimming… And the occasional “booze cruise” allow for a great time whenever we come back to visit.

We were booked to the brim before we even set foot in the door. Due to mommy mush brain, I hadn’t thought about scheduling a hair appointment until Friday, and expected to get one Saturday. Luckily, I did! On top of that, I decided when I was there that I would chop 10 or so inches off. 2 hours later (and with one bored husband) I walked out of the salon as a complete blonde and with hair above my shoulders!

We then had our friends annual Fourth of July party to attend. With some of my closest friends, who I haven’t seen in months to years, arriving for the weekend, we knew it would be beyond a great time. I was pregnant last year and Zach was deployed, so we had a lot of catching up to do with old friends.

Sunday was Nolan’s baptism and everything went smoothly; He didn’t even cry! Of course he was too little to know what was going on, but everyone told us it looked as if he was listening to everything the priest was saying and taking it all in. Silly boy! We had a BBQ at my parents house, went on the boat and shockingly, I even went tubing!

Monday was an extra day with friends that were visiting from out of town, and later that evening Zach and I went downtown Cleveland. We bought cheap tickets to the Indians game, hung out at the bar in centerfield and then headed to the new Horseshoe Casino. We played a few slots and broke even, perfect ending to the night!

More stories to follow 🙂



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