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My thoughts on the CMAs 2014

I haven’t always been a country music fan. In fact, I used to hate country music because it was all my grandparents listened to and it just bugged me. It reminded me of honky tonk hillbillies and homegirl was too cool for that in middle school and high school.
Well, call me a honky tonk hillbilly because I live and breathe country music now. I think my obsession started in college and I wish I could remember where and when but I guess the important thing is that it did. And now, I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t started loving it.



I went to the CMA Music Festival in Nashville one year with my best friend and it was UHMAZINGGG. Too bad I was pregnant and couldn’t really get that full Nashville experience but trust me, I will get back there for it at some point.
Nolan decided to nap from 4:15-7:15 last night and therefore, the two of us had our own little CMA viewing party. Here are my thoughts:
Carrie and Brad. They are hysterical together. They make jokes about things that maybe we shouldn’t be joking about but for some reason, they make it totally okay.
Carrie Underwood being pregnant: I think it’s a joke. It should be illegal to look that good while pregnant. I balloon in the face and certainly don’t look that good so please Carrie, tell us your secrets.
Luke Bryan as Entertainer of The Year: enough said. That man… ugh… I think even my husband would leave me for him. Just kidding. I think…
Ariana Grande? No thanks. I know country music stars welcome everyone with open arms but that girl just rubs me the wrong way. Meagan Trainor… didn’t mind her as much. Probably because I’m biased and love her and love Miranda.
They actually sing; I don’t have a problem with lip syncing if you’re good at it but I feel that country stars actually have good voices over some pop stars who only sound good because their music is altered in a studio.
T-Swift? What are your thoughts on this? I don’t see why she can’t still be at the CMAs and produce some country and some pop. It kind of makes me sad because I still remember old school songs like “Tim McGraw” and I don’t think we will be her do stuff like that anymore.
Carrie Underwood’s wardrobe. Just give me. Now. You can throw in her legs and hair too if you want.
Brad Paisley holding cheese balls in a Baby Bjorn? GENIUS. Why have I never thought of that?
Could Blake and Miranda be any cuter? Don’t think so.
The humility in that room. Everyone generally loves what they do and they all seem like people I’d want to drink a beer with.
And so much more. This night makes me super happy each year but also made me a little sad Z wasn’t here. Country music just tugs at my heart because it’s so real and lovey dovey sometimes and it just made me miss him. He will be home soon enough I suppose… soon enough.
Did you watch? What were your thoughts?





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