Happyyyyy happpy Friday babes! It’s been an interesting week to say the least. I am exhausted in so many ways and I’m looking forward to lazy days with coffee, cartoons, and snuggles on the couch.

I woke up last week to water in my basement. When it rains it pours (literally); I had to call the fire department to come get my cat out of a tree, did something to my back and have to start physical therapy, and haven’t been sleeping for so many other reasons. I’ve decided to go back on medicine for my anxiety and depression and will share more on that as the weeks progress. I know it takes awhile to kick in so I’m going to cross my fingers I start to feel some relief soon.

So let’s get to this weeks Five on Friday:

1) Sunday we took a boat ride and spent some time at the beach. We’ve been trying to get things done around the house so it was nice to take a break and soak in some family time as the summer comes to an end.

2) Since N started Kindergarten this week, I wanted to take him out for a special “Kindergarten Send-Off” celebration. We headed to the park with their Power Wheels and I let him choose a special lunch spot. Kid after my own heart because he chose hibachi and sushi. Look at those cute kiddos with their sushi and chopsticks!

3) His first day started off rough… for me. I was super emotional and had a really hard time processing all of it. But once we got him dressed and took his pictures, my nerves had calmed and I was excited for him. He had an absolute blast and to my surprise, didn’t seem that tired after a full day. Until dinner when he started crying because I wouldn’t let him leave the table to put away his dirty laundry. Even though he didn’t have any dirty laundry. Can’t make this stuff up.. haha.

4) I finally finished the final two pieces I’ve been working on re-doing. Back story on these; these were two pieces from my childhood bedroom. When Z and I got married, I had two pieces and he had two pieces. So we painted them all black (with regular paint) but he never sealed them. So they had been chipped and peeling and not very attractive. Instead of getting new pieces, I used this paint I’ve been obsessed with and then distressed them. I have a whole post about re-doing furniture coming but I love how these came out!

5) The kids are getting a swing set delivered today and I can’t wait. The fence will be put in soon and finally, I can send them out back to play and not worry! I hope they love it and make great memories back there <3


We have zero plans for tonight and tomorrow (Thank goodness) and then Sunday have family parties and the family draft. I’m hoping to take first this year because I took second last year, losing only to my younger brother. I’m back with a vengeance this time!

Hope y’all have a great weekend! XO







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