Dear Nolan {23 Months}

Dear Nolan, 
I know I say this every month, but I cannot believe how fast time is going. You are going to be TWO next month. Although I don’t know how it’s possible to love you anymore than I already do, I find a way to love you more each day. Yes, I could probably do without your meltdowns and tantrums but the other things? They’re the best things in the world.

We have conversations in full sentences now; you can tell me “I don’t like _______” or “I don’t want to ______”. To say you’re independent is an understatement; you won’t let me dress you and hate to have your diaper changed. Although I wish you would catch on to the whole potty training thing, you still being in diapers means you still need me and you’re still a “baby”.

But sweet boy, you are far from a baby. You love to play make believe; whether you’re driving through the Starbucks drive-thru for your “coffee latte” (chocolate milk), playing dollhouse, or train tracks, I love watching your imagination grow. You could sit and play for hours, but only if someone is playing with you. I cannot wait to watch you and your sister interact once she arrives!
You also have the most unbelievable memory. You remember stores we’ve shopped at, can point out logos (Pizza Hut, Starbucks, etc), and know exactly what you did the day  before. You know your family and friends, insist on telling me when you’ve tooted or burped, and always say please and thank you.

Because you’re so independent, you have a hard time understanding why you can’t do certain things. When we tell you not to climb on the table, or pull a cord, or something along those lines, you get aggressive and begin throwing things. We’ve tried different types of discipline (and it kills me) but we know it’s just the age and try to understand your frustration. This too shall pass, my love…
You are SO excited for Christmas and it’s the cutest thing in the world. You get SO excited and yell “SANTA!!” every time you see a Christmas commercial or see a Christmas tree. I cannot wait for Santa to visit you Christmas morning… you’ve been a very good boy and I know you will be so happy 🙂

I love you, Little Man. You’ve given me so much joy these past two years and with each day, you learn or do something new. I cannot express in words how proud of you I am. Please don’t grow up too fast and always know that I love you more than anything. 
Until next month, 


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