We’re…moving?! Maybe…

As some of you may have seen on Twitter or Facebook, my hubby received some fabulous news last week! Although we are excited we finally heard something, the waiting game continues…
If he heads to training when the next class starts, this would mean moving within the next three weeks. Yes, MOVING. I will be heading home while he’s in school so luckily we don’t have to worry about where we are going to live! However, we still have to worry about packing up our entire house, scheduling movers, canceling utilities, putting aside what Bubba and I will need for the next couple of months in Cleveland, and out- processing Fort Drum…all within less than 21 days. 
Stressed? Yes. However, I’m even more stressed about finding out where we will be going AFTER he finishes his training. It could literally be anywhere in the world. And yes, while that may sound like it has some sort of exciting ring to it, for me, it absolutely does not. I am terrified that it’s going to be somewhere we don’t want to live and with a toddler, things get a lot more complicated. Would I love to go to Italy? Um, yes. But not now. My life is different now than it was when we first got married and were single “fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants people.” 
It just complicates so many things! Like the fact that I am supposed to go home in 4 days and he’s supposed to meet me in Cleveland in a couple of weeks. And our vacation in OBX? Yea, not sure that can happen anymore either. We just literally have NO idea what is going on until the Army gives us the next step and that should be any day now. The suspense is killing me!

With all of this unknown surrounding us and keeping me stressed out 24 hours a day, I’ve almost forgotten that I won’t be seeing Zach for 15 weeks. Sure, that’s nothing in the big scheme of things when we’ve gone 10 months apart, all while he was in a war zone. But still, being away from your hubby is no fun regardless. But, I have to keep reminding myself that if he wasn’t switching to this new job, he would have been deploying in August with his old unit. So yes, silver lining you have graced us with your presence. 
And the kicker? If he doesn’t get processed for this school date, the next one is a few months down the road. So it’s really hard to start seriously packing and doing all of these other things when we don’t know for sure we are leaving yet. The reason we’re guessing it’s going to be in July is because that’s the next class, and that’s what he was told “for planning purposes.” However, you learn to never trust anything you hear in the Army unless you have physical orders in your hand… and that’s exactly why I’m apprehensive to believe this. 
But for now, all I can do is throw away things we don’t need, envision the things I know I will take, and try and keep calm. It’s all out of my control, as most things are within the Army and after almost two and a half years into it, I still have a hard time accepting. 
So please keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers we hear soon, AND that it’s somewhere in the continental United States. Preferably in the south 🙂 


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