Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops {Review}

Don’t you hate when you’re sick, have the worst sore throat ever, and then you reach for a cough drop and it’s the nastiest tasting thing you’ve ever tasted? 
All I want when I’m sick is a cough drop that isn’t going to make me gag and doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth. I just need it to taste good and to wet my throat so that I’m not hacking up a lung everywhere. 
Well low and behold, Pine Bros to the rescue! 

These cough drops taste like a piece of candy mixed with a gummy; they are described as “softish” and that’s the best way to describe them. They don’t taste like medicine and leave a gross after taste, which will sometimes keep me from using a cough drop all together. 
I personally preferred the Wild Cherry flavor because I like Cherry anything. But both flavors are pretty good. They aren’t overly sweet where I feel like I’m just eating them because they taste good but they hold off the cough for a good period of time. 
My husband really liked the idea of the case since he could just slip it in his pocket and not have to worry about a bag spilling. I liked it because I could throw it in my purse and easily locate it. 
Grab a bag and try them for yourselves the next time you’re sick…it will make you a lot less miserable 🙂 

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