Top 25 Military Moms… ME?!

You guys, you are SERIOUSLY amazing!! One of you (not sure who) has nominated me  for the 2013 Circle of Moms Top 25 Military Moms contest. I finished in the top 5 last year and it was such an amazing feeling!
It warms my heart to know you all love me as much as you do. I can’t thank you enough for providing me with a space where I truly feel supported; where I can be honest and share my life with you, and know you all will be there for me. You all have helped me through the ups and downs of deployment, becoming a new mom and better wife, and so much more. 
I’m not going to be obnoxious about this, but if you would like to help me win, just click the button below! You can vote once a day everyday and I would greatly appreciate it. 
Thank you again for your continued love and support… you guys rock my socks off! 
Happy Friday! Xoxo!


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