Outrageous things I cry about

I’ve always been an emotional person. Like literally, sometimes I catch myself crying and it takes me a minute to be like “what are you even crying about?!” But on the contrary, sometimes it’s actually a good reason to be shedding some tears. I started watching Fuller House the other day (which is phenomenal by the way; I was dogging it before giving it a chance and I’ll set things straight, I was wrong. It’s awesome.) and I realized I was crying real tears. As if I were crying for people I knew or emotions I’ve experienced. I’m totally going to chalk it up to being so nostalgic about one of my favorite childhood shows, the fact that is was sad and because DJ was crying. When someone else cries, I always cry. Always.

But then I started thinking about all of the outrageous things I’ve cried or cry about. Because oh yes ladies (and gentleman) it’s still going on. I’m sure there are a ton of things but these are the ones that stick out in my head:


Gosh I was so college…

Freshman year of college I went to open my Advent calendar and get the chocolate out… and there wasn’t one there. I was so mad I cried. Turns out it just slipped between the cardboard and plastic but I legit cried over it. And I will never live that down.

I cry anytime a baby is born, people get married or someone else cries.

Obviously I cried when my own kids were born. Here's Miss P making her entrance  :)

Obviously I cried when my own kids were born. Here’s Miss P making her entrance 🙂

I cry even harder if it’s people on a show that I’m emotionally invested in and feel like I know the characters. Mad props to those actors and actresses because you’re clearly good at what you do. You’re making me feel all chummy with you and then boom something happens and I just lose my shit.

I cry when I get really, really mad. My chin quivers (anyone else?) and I start to get really, really upset. So upset I start to cry out of anger.

Want to hear a really good one? When we were in Maine for a friend’s wedding, we tried to get into a bar but Z was carrying a beer and they wouldn’t let us in. I got so mad I cried… and peed my pants. This was last year guys.. don’t judge. (Disclaimer: we didn’t have the kids that weekend and I had drank my body weight in alcoholic beverages by that point…)

Before the shenanigans (and 100 drinks)

Before the shenanigans (and 100 drinks)

I cry during the finale of most shows. Prison Break, Weeds, Friends, you get it.

Speaking of Friends, I cry EVERY TIME Ross is listening to his answering machine to see if Rachel got off the plane and then she walks in the door and says ” I got off the plane.” Waterworkssssssss.


Touring the Friends set in Los Angeles


Sitting on THE couch

I cry the minute I hear someone’s voice if I’ve missed them. And you know what’s funny? I read an article a few weeks ago that explained why kids are worse for their parents than they are for everyone else. You’re their comfort blanket. Kids will come running and crying to their parents after school because they see you and it’s like a sigh of relief. They may cry out of hunger, exhaustion, because they got hurt 4 hours and upon seeing you it comes rushing back., etc That’s how I (a grown adult) feel sometimes when Z is away or I talk to my parents and other loved ones on the phone.

I cry when I can’t fall asleep and I want nothing more than to go to bed. The struggle is real friends.

So now that we’ve taken a ride on the crazy train, shall we get back to reality? Haha I know I can’t be the only one who cries when some of this stuff happens to them. So spill it below!







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