Push presents.

When I first heard about “Push Presents”, I didn’t know what to think. Yes, labor is grueling and exhausting and hell, if I could pass one of my labor experiences off to my husband I would do it in a minute. But do I really deserve a present for something that my body has been designed to do? That we knew was going to be end result of our decision?
 I’m not going to lie, being gifted diamond earrings or some other luxury gift after delivering an almost 8 pound baby would have been nice but did I expect anything or even want something? Not really. And here’s the reason why. 
As most of you know, Z and I were apart for my entire first pregnancy. He left when I was 8 weeks and returned when I was 38 weeks. It was 7 months from the day he left until the day he returned stateside for only two weeks. And in that two week period, we would be welcoming our baby boy per a scheduled induction. 

I know, a lot of people are against inductions but my doctor felt that with my diabetes, pre-term labor, and bed rest conditions, it would be perfectly acceptable to do so. Not to mention the fact that Z only had two weeks from the time he touched US soil, and we wanted to ensure he would be there to meet his baby boy. Judge me if you want but as far as I’m concerned, the doctor gave it a go and my baby was perfectly healthy so it is what it is. 
Anyways, a few months prior, we had the scare of our lives as Z was in an explosion and I went into pre-term labor at 26 weeks. The fact that Nolan was still cooking and Z had made it home to stand by my side was truly a gift from God. Here’s the video of us reuniting. It still brings tears to my eyes and I cannot believe this was almost two years ago… 
So that, right there, is why I didn’t need a “push present”. Throwing my arms around him and having him see my belly for the first time was the most unexplainable feeling in the world. 

Besides, we were blessed with our baby boy 5 days later; what tangible gift could possibly replace such a miracle?
And I have to give a shout out to Vanessa for the genius idea below… can’t wait to do this!
Have you ever heard of push presents? Did you get one? What are your thoughts on them? 


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