April iPhone photo dump

End of the month means another iPhone photo dump and recap! I feel like I didn’t take that many pictures this month and I’m thinking it’s because of the rain. It seriously rained so much here but that’s okay because April showers bring May flowers, right?!

So to kickoff the month, we celebrated my first baby turning 6. Not this baby right here, she just wanted to hold the balloon. But Charlie girl, our black lab turned 6 on April 2nd! She celebrated with dog-friendly cookies and a nice, long walk!

N had an Easter parade at school and P decided she needed to dress for the occasion as well.

I headed to an event at Elloqui to benefit one of the local animal shelters. Dani always puts on the greatest events and it was so nice to have a little girl time with other DC bloggers! Rhinestones, braid bar, cookies, champs, and of course, shopping! I purchased a choker and clutch because I mean, 10% of sales were being donated to the animal shelter and I’m not going to not help them out!

We went exploring and found a state park near our house with a beach, playground, trails, putt-putt, and more! Please take note of N’s pirate face below… phenomenal.

The kids had their first dentist visit since we moved and I totally wish I could go here. They gave them so many goodies and I loved everyone there.

When it wasn’t raining, we spent a lot of time outside at the park, riding bikes, and blowing bubbles. Look at this little girl and her hair. Jealous.

We headed back to Cleveland for Easter and had so much fun with friends and family. We may be moving back there in the near future so it was nice to remember why that will always be “home” and how important it is to be around family. More to come on that later…

I attended a event with Hush Puppies at Masseria in D.C. and it was seriously SO much fun! I had the chance to learn more about the brand, chat with other fab D.C. ladies and eat delicious food. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve decided to give up meat (still eating chicken here and there until I transition fully over) and loved that they had vegetarian options!

I keep telling these kids to stop growing up and they wont’ listen to me. She had her ears pierced when she was a baby and then decided last year that she didn’t want to wear earrings anymore. So after weeks of begging me to get them re-pierced, I took her last week! Seriously, she didn’t even flinch let alone shed a tear. #badass. And can we talk about my handsome little tee ball player? I can’t even stand it! I can’t wait for his first game this weekend!

Lady and I did a photoshoot in Old Town last Sunday and then met my friends for brunch in Clarendon. There are so many cute little areas around here so if and when we move, I will definitely miss those. However, I will NOT miss the insane traffic to get anywhere. People weren’t joking when they warned me about that!

Oh and p.s…that Unicorn Frappucino was not good. I also didn’t want to drink it because of the nutritional facts since I’ve been counting my Macros (more on that later too) and working out like a madwoman. Bathing suit season is only a few weeks away and mama needs to be serious! But at least it looks pretty, right?

Stay tuned because May is going to be even crazier! Trips to Georgia, North Carolina, and Ohio… can’t wait!! Have a great weekend babes! xo




  • justine

    how fun! all those events look so cute! i can’t wait to move to DC! i didn’t realize how dark your hair was! it looks great both ways!
    i loved your overall in the first few pics — i’m still on the hunt for a cute pair that fits my long torso. whenever I put a pair on, it looks like i suddenly can’t speak english lol
    that unicorn frap does NOT look appetizing at ALL i felt like the only person in America that didn’t want it! once i deliver baby #3, i’ll be on a workout/macro counting kick too… not because i want my post baby body back like tomorrow, but because i ate complete crap and ended up having to go on medicine because my blood pressure and cholesterol were too high. whoops.

  • Lauren

    always love a good photo dump!

  • Kelly

    Sounds like a busy month and I guess no more tare tare for you!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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