Halloween Wreath Tutorial

As you all know, I love fall and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays as well. Ok let’s be serious, I love ALL holidays. Any excuse to get dressed up or decorate the house is a-okay by me!
I had a fall wreath up on the front door but when I put out all of my Halloween decorations, I decided I needed a Halloween wreath to follow suit. Since it would only be up for a month, I wanted to keep it fairly low budget.
So I decided to wander the aisles of the Dollar Tree and this is what I whipped up! I had so many people ask me how I made it so here is a tutorial. Super easy and cheap and the best part? No glue or tape or anything other than these supplies! Have fun 🙂


Everything was $1! Can’t beat a DIY for $7 🙂



Tuck an end of the garland into the wood


Pull through and tuck securely under


Wrap garland around, moving in and out of the center


Layer 1
Tuck a piece of the wire garland in the wood and secure
Wrap garland moving in and out of center
Layer 2
Layer 3


Skeleton garland


I tied a knot and then strung it along the wreath so it was tight and they were all hanging down in the same direction


Find an area that has a gap and stick the flower through…it should be hidden on the other end by the garland
Hang the sign
Hang the wreath…Voila!

Wood wreath
3 types of garland
Skeleton garland
Black flowers
Halloween sign





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