Throw the confetti! We’re MOVING to…

Throw the confetti...we're moving!

You GUYS. I’ve been keeping a huge secret from all of you. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been working on some changes behind the scenes. Z was accepted to go to school to become an officer and we knew a PCS (permanent change of station aka a move) was in order. We were really banking on going to Kentucky to be closer to family. So when we were told that was no longer an option, we were a little bummed. And when we were given only two options, we were even more bummed.

Why? I guess we were thrown off guard more than anything but it also meant a few different changes and things we weren’t expecting. But we weighed the pros and cons and decided that for our family’s sake, there was a clear choice of the two we were given.

I’ve known for the past couple of weeks but now that it’s officially on paper, I can share our decision with you…


We’re extremely happy, nervous, anxious, stressed… you name it, we’re feeling it. Our past two moves haven’t been too big of a deal because our kids weren’t of school age yet. But now that N is in Pre-k and Miss P is also in a toddler program, it’s a little nerve wracking to think we need to worry about them transferring schools.

On top of that, we own our house this go-around and have to sell it before we move. We could rent it out if worse came to worst but that’s kind of our last resort at this point. We aren’t exactly sure what part of D.C. we’re going to live in or what our new life is going to be like but that’s part of the adventure, I suppose! I’m trying to stay super positive about it so that our kids are excited too. They amaze me and since they only know this life, I know they’ll be just fine.

So get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions over the next few months! If you live or know anyone near D.C. or have any words of advice (besides traffic.. I’ve already heard that sucks), I’m all ears!





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