Bubba Update

I bring you this post with bittersweet feelings… Bubba is growing up. Too fast. 
This past week, he’s started saying more words to include:
Bubba (shocking, right?)
Thank you
and the best one…
Hi. But not only does he wave and say hi, he holds a phone to his ear and says hi. It is seriously the cutest thing in the entire world. Maybe I’m biased but I can’t get enough of it. 
I just can’t believe how fast this year has gone…
How did we go from this:
To this:
I found this on Pinterest yesterday and it couldn’t have come at a more better time. I think we all need this little reminder. Even if you don’t have kids, remember this for one day. Or remember this about your marriage and life in general. Be present. 

Don’t forget that I’m co-hosting a blog hop with Tami at The Things We Find Inside later! Be sure to stop by and link up 🙂

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