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What to wear: Mommy and me shoot.

I saw something on Facebook last week about my generation being the last generation who didn’t have their baby pictures taken with a cell phone. Kind of crazy, huh? It really struck a nerve with me and made me want to take my “real” camera out more often and capture their childhood with something other than an iPhone. iPhones are great on the go and in a quick moment, but having quality pictures to print out and look back on are what I had, and what I want to give my kids too.


I looked at Miss P the other day and realized she was a toddler. I’m not sure when it happened, but she’s not a baby anymore. She’s opinionated, she’s independent, and she’s sassy. She knows what she wants and she knows how to hold her own against her crazy brother. She is constantly taking her pants and diaper off despite the fact she’s not quite potty trained. She hates sitting in her car seat. She’s picky as all hell when it comes to eating and grazes rather than eating a full meal. She screams when she doesn’t get her way. She takes things from Nolan so he’ll chase her. She cries when he leaves for school. She chats up a storm but I can only understand half of what she’s saying. She’s a real person. Her own person, who at 19 months thinks she should be able to do and say way more than she does. It always amazes me how these little humans go from brand new babies to full fledged people. Like they’re real people, and it still blows my mind after giving birth and watching it happen twice.









I did a mommy and me photo shoot with Nolan a few weeks ago because I know it’s only a matter of time before he gets too cool for school. Meaning he is more embarrassed by me than wanting to be with me. And I decided I needed to do one with Miss P before she gets any bigger too. In fact, it’s probably something I’ll do around the first day of school every year. We always take first day pictures of our kids, but wouldn’t it be nice if they had pictures to look back on that had us in them too?

So how did I choose what to wear for our mommy and me shoot? I chose our outfits around these adorable headbands from KRZA. I wanted to have matching headbands which meant we weren’t going to wear matching outfits. You should always try to wear things that compliment each other, not match exactly. Too many people make the mistake when getting family pictures or couples pictures of wearing the exact same thing. Your pictures will look 10 times better if you coordinate, not match. So after choosing our headbands, I chose her overalls. I mean, how cute are they?! And then I based my outfit around that. A simple white top, boyfriend jeans, and dainty accessories.





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As much as we want to freeze time or at least slow it down, we can’t. So we learn to embrace it and make memories as we go. Almost just as important as it is to make memories, it’s important to capture them. With a real camera, and pictures that show us doing what we do best….loving our kids.




Do you use a camera other than your cell phone? Why or why not? Do you make a point to take pictures with your children every so often?

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