Best line dance songs from 7th grade

Let me start this off by saying that XM radio is a gift from God. I cancelled it one time and felt like I was back in the Stone Age. Side note; if you play hard to get for long enough, they’ll cut you a deal you just can’t pass up. And then you’ll never go back.
Anyways, I was driving to work the other day and this gem came on:
Yeah, don’t worry about that dust…
Close your eyes and picture it; hundreds of teenage girls, open gym floor, line dancing like there’s no tomorrow. And that my friends, is what I think of when I hear this song.
Which got me thinking about all of the other gems that I used to get down to on the dance floor. Or gym floor, same difference.
The Atomic Dog.
Booty Bounce. (Which I found out is actually the Boodie Bounce after Googling it…)
Cotton Eye Joe.
Booty Call (certainly NOT to be confused with Booty Bounce).
Electric Slide (but of course you had to do the jumpy version, not the old person version).
And then I took it one step further while frolicking down memory lane and looked at the other songs that reminded me of 7th grade dances.
KC and Jo Jo: All My Life
Jordan McKnight: Back at One
O-Town: Liquid Dreams
And I’m sure there are more. If I close my eyes and think real hard, I can see myself swaying to these slow jams now; pigtails, braces, and awkward outfits that I thought made my boobs look good. Although it was 7th grade and I didn’t have any boobs.
Oh 7th grade in general was just totally awkward. And if we were being totally honest, most of my years from age 10-14 were. They say everyone goes through an awkward stage and looking back, I think everyone around me was in the same stage as well. Those years are just so weird; hormones, puberty, and growing into our bodies.
But those were the days of AIM, milky gel pens, and Selena in Spanish class. Scavenger hunts, hanging out at the mall, and yes, school dances.
And while I tried to hit the archives and find you a picture of moi in my glory days, no such luck. Well, I guess no such luck for you and all sorts of luck for me.
But while searching, I did find my high school prom and I think you can get an idea of how this whole school dance thing went down… enjoy…


“Grab a glass of wine, lace up your running shoes and stop by for a visit!”




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