I Now Pronounce You, Unfriended.

For those of you who are younger, you may not believe what I’m about to tell you.
But when Facebook was first designed, it was only for people with a college email address. We had a wall, ONE profile picture, and the capability to send a message. Not chat, but a message. 
I know, blows your mind right? 
So throughout the evolution of Facebook, there have been a ton of changes and a ton of invasions of privacy. You can see where people are, you know what they’re doing at all times, and things about some people’s lives that you wish you didn’t. 
In the beginning, I accepted friend requests from anyone; if they looked like we’d be friends and they were going to the same college as me, I had no problem with it. As time went on, I only accepted people I knew previously from high school, college, etc. 
So eventually, I had a ton of random people on my friend list, some that I hadn’t seen in years, some I’ve never even met, and others who I see every so often. If they were just there and not bothering me, then what the heck, leave them right? 

But over the years, I’ve had to “Spring Clean” Facebook friends. People have talked behind my back, publicly bashed me, made fun of me, and dissected my life. Like I’ve said before, I still don’t understand this, but some people were just brought up with less class and differently than I was. 
But if we aren’t friends in real life, you’re mean to me, and we don’t talk, why should you get to see a part of my life that you don’t care about? What is so wrong with me clicking the “unfriend” button if you really don’t CARE about me and what I’m doing? 
I’ve received public ridicule for this, too. “Looks like Sam has gone on an unfriending spree again” or even received messages “Thanks for unfriending me.” And my question for all of you is this:
Have you ever unfriended people on Facebook? Why? 

Have you received negative feedback from unfriending people on Facebook?

Do you think it’s a big deal?

Why has it become such a personal issue when one gets unfriended? 

Why do people care if they are “friends” on a social media channel when they haven’t talked in years and even go so far as to make fun of the person who did the unfriending?
I’m all about connecting with others and making friends with people who share the same interests and commonalities as me. But when I see you being mean to others, being mean to me me, or being just down right negative, why do I need to share my life with you and others like you? 
I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way; I don’t think I’m better or entitled to only be friends with certain people. However, I want to be surrounded by positive people who support me and enjoy seeing my life, not making fun of it. 
“Conquering life one step and one museum at a time.”




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