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Christmas 2016


Hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone! To be honest, this past week has been a total blur and I think I need to sleep for weeks before I’ll feel 100% normal.

Last Monday the movers started packing everything up to take it to D.C. Since they pack everything for us I couldn’t really do much to prepare but I tried to be somewhat organized. But even when I thought I was organized, I wasn’t. So I already felt overwhelmed on day one. Day two came and everything seemed to be going well. All they had to do Wednesday was load everything and put it in the truck. Well, and pack the big things like couches, beds, etc. So that shouldn’t take too long, right?

Wrong. So wrong. We got off on the wrong foot from the beginning because they were supposed to call when they were on their way. No call. I was in the shower and N came knocking on the shower door to tell me the movers were here. And I didn’t believe him. Well he was right. I was frantically running around trying to find clothes (most things were packed) and super flustered when I finally opened the door.

Well then, they felt it was necessary to take smoke breaks every 4 seconds and instead of it taking a few hours, it took ALL day. So our original plan to drive halfway and stay over night in North Carolina was no longer happening. I suck at driving at night and I couldn’t see! So we crashed at my friend’s house and then drove 13 hours to D.C the next day. MISERABLE. I never like to drive as is and driving 13 hours was SO hard for me. But we made it and spent the night in our new place before getting up to drive 6 hours to Cleveland.

It was worth it when we finally got here. Like I knew it would be. But man was I tired! But there was no time to rest because we were heading out with my cousins for our annual cousins get together at Buffalo Wild Wings. I have 10 cousins and then plus significant others, we had a pretty large party!

We went to breakfast the next morning (Christmas Eve) and then had to run out for a few last minute gifts. But not before a little cookie decorating! Not sure how much icing made it onto the cookies after the kids were done with it!

We typically rotate houses in the family for Christmas Eve but since there are SO many of us now, we decided to try something a little different. We rented out a cute little banquet hall and decorated it and surprisingly, it worked out. In the end it doesn’t matter where we are but that we were all able to get together. It sucks living so far from family and only seeing them a few times a year. But the great thing about family is that it never feels that way; we always just pick up right where we left off.

Of course the kids couldn’t wait to wake up and see if Santa had came! N went downstairs before any of us were even awake and then came to wake everyone up. I remember how exciting it was so I couldn’t wait to see their faces! And boy were they excited! I think P is still a little young to understand and just kept asking for more presents as she ripped through them. I was trying to teach them to be grateful for every present they got but it’s so hard at a young age. Especially when they’re getting presents left and right from people who don’t get to see them often. But hopefully they will learn that with age; I never want it to be about the presents or how much they get. But I also want them to feel the same excitement I always felt on Christmas morning.

My mom’s side of the family came over for a late lunch/early dinner and we spent the rest of the day just catching up and eating way too many desserts. The kids crashed early (as I knew they would) and we watched a movie before heading to bed fairly early ourselves.

Today’s our last day of vacation and we head back to D.C. tomorrow. But HOPEFULLY my parents are coming to visit this weekend and can help us get the house set up and settled. Our movers won’t be delivering our household goods until sometime later this week and I am praying everything is still in one piece. We didn’t have too horrible of an experience last time but I know other people that did and I’m just scared. Fingers crossed!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends! Merry Christmas! xo





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