Friday Favorites: NYFW edition

Happy Friday! It is Friday, right? I honestly can’t keep track of the days right now and this weekend isn’t going to be any chance to relax and recoup. BUT…

MY LITTLE BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED SO I AIN’T EVEN MAD ABOUT IT! I can catch up on sleep next week, right?

We had a wedding last weekend followed by NYFW and now his wedding. And as exhausted as I am, I am so excited this weekend is finally here.

But before we kick it off, let’s do a little Friday Favorites!

1) Meeting other bloggers “in real life”

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years and it still amazes me how these relationships develop. Even when we’re just meeting for the first time, it’s like catching up with an old friend. I mean, I met Kelly for the first time in February as I was coming to stay with her for the week. That might sound crazy to some people but when you’ve “known” someone for so many years, read their blog, and pretty much stalked their life on social media, you know they’re good people.

2) Cookie DO NYC

So I’ve bragged on this place before but I have to say it again… IT’S AMAZING! And I’m not just saying that because my husband’s cousin is the owner. It really is the cutest store and most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. I highly recommend making the trip or ordering online! You won’t be disappointed and a little goes a long way 🙂


3) Glam sesh by Amika and Sacha Cosmetics: I don’t get to treat myself often so when I do, it’s simply the best. I had my hair done at Amika StyleBlow in Brooklyn before heading to my shows for the day and I was in love! I told her I wanted some braids and wanted something a little edgy and she nailed my vision. When I got to the show, I hit up the Beauty Bar where Sacha Cosmetics was glamming up all the attendees. I certainly don’t know how to do my makeup like this so it was fun to feel a little sexy and sultry for the day! I loved all of the products they used and I’m looking forward to trying them!

4) Being in NYC on 9/11: I’ll be honest with you guys, I was kind of afraid to be there on September 11th. It’s so surreal to think that on that day, 16 years ago, the great tragedy that rocked our nation occurred. And there I was, passing the memorial where the Twin Towers used to stand and I couldn’t help but feel all the feels. I passed fire stations and churches and watched as first responders gathered everywhere to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. And then I felt honored to be there on such a memorable day.

5) The fashion, of course. A lot of it I could NEVER wear. A lot of it I WOULD never wear. But that’s not why I go. I go because fashion is an art and I love to see the designs. I go because I like to see the next season’s biggest trends and figure out how to work them into my own style. I go because there are so many beautiful pieces on the runway and there’s nothing quite like being at a runway show. And of course, because I get to dress up and step out of my comfort zone because it’s NYC 🙂

Hope you all have the best weekend! See you Monday! xo






  • Emelia

    You look so beautiful for fashion week- love your style! Meeting bloggers is one of the best things about blogging. And get out your husband’s cousin owns the cookie dough place? Makes sense that you were allowed to go behind the scenes now- I watched your story and was like wowww they let her in the back, haha. Have a fun weekend and enjoy the wedding!

  • Kelly

    Yay for becoming friends IRL and I’m still irked we don’t have any real photos of us – just selfies. Let’s do better in February, please?

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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