What type of texter are you?

Let’s face it, most of us only use our phones for texting these days. I hate talking on the phone and now that our generation pretty much just texts for everything, I’m a happy clam.
But there are totally different types of texters out there and it got me thinking… what type of texter am I?
The Super Fast Responder: This person will literally text you back the minute you send your text. In fact, they will see you typing and have a response ready before you even hit ‘send’ on your phone. You’ll know when they’re upset or mad at you because they will take 5 minutes to respond instead of 5 seconds.
The Too Cool Abbreviator: This person will literally shorten everything they send you. “Totes c u thur in 5”. Or something along those lines. They’ll use things like “lol” “lmfao” and some other weird things you don’t even know what they mean.
The Novelist: This person will always have something to say. Always. Even if you ask for their opinion on an outfit, they will respond with a novel on why it does or doesn’t look good on you. You’ll be able to tell their mood based on their response length and anything short of a paragraph means they’re pissed.
The Delayed Responder: This person will take hours to write you back. They probably looked at their phone while driving and just forget to respond. Either that, or they don’t want to seem too eager to respond. They may also have some really cool excuse as to why they couldn’t respond right away. Something like “sorry I was swimming with sharks” or “sorry for the delay, I was meeting with Beyonce”. Or something cool like that.
The Emojii Queen: This person only texts in smiley faces and other cool emojiis. They will put emjoiis together to convey a mood or tell you what they’re doing. They’ll ask you to drinks by sending you the beer mugs clinking and a question mark. They’ll send you waves, sun, and a smiley face with sunglasses to let you know they’re at the beach. This is pretty much like a mute texter..
The One Word Answerer: These people will drive you insane with their one word responses. They’ll type “cool” or “no” and you’ll be like, ugh they’re totally rude. “Ok” is not an acceptable form of response. Like come on, at least type out “Okay” because that seems a lot less harsh, am I right or am I right?
The Non Punctuator*: Run on sentences. Enough said.
The Non-Texter: Although I’m convinced this is a myth, some people just don’t like to text. They’re probably over the age of 50 and they’ll say something like “if you want to talk, just pick up the phone and call me.” And then you’ll remind them that you don’t need to pick up a phone because no one has a house phone anymore anyways and you don’t need to “pick up a phone” to call. They also probably hold their cellphone to their ear and wait for a dial tone before dialing…
So what type of texter are you??
*I think I made this word up. And texter might not be a real word either. Oh well. 


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