The Whole World Can Change in a Minute

We all know I have a Pinterest obsession; my husband makes fun of me because I am constantly wanting to craft. 
I’ve had this clock without batteries sitting in our house for quite sometime. Don’t ask me why it has never had batteries in it, because I have no explanation other than the fact that I was lazy and forgot. 
So when I saw this on Pinterest, I knew it was the perfect chance to use it! 
I decided to use the Sugarland lyrics instead “The Whole World Can Change in a Minute”
Here’s what I used:
 I probably could have used a regular frame but this is what I had so I figured, why not!

 Traced the words out as straight and neat as I possibly could.

Colored the letters in with a permanent marker 

My original plan didn’t include pictures. I didn’t measure correctly and this didn’t fit in the frame as is, so I decided to add pictures and cut the words up separately.

At 2:09 p.m. our whole world changed 🙂

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Have a great Wednesday! 




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