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I’m a hair product junkie. My hair has been all over the place; curly, straight, wavy, blonde, brunette, practically red. Mixture of all this. Short, long, etc. You name it, I’ve probably done it. Except a cool color… unless you count the “pink tips” I did with a highlighter the day before my senior pictures and had to get cut off because it wouldn’t come out…#fail.

I digress. I love products because my hair is sometimes hard to manage. Especially down south; this humidity is a killer. And as much as I would love to walk out of the shower with fabulous, ready-to-go hair, I just don’t have that. But luckily, I was able to try some fabulous products that help with all of that.

Living Proof sent me a few of their new Frizz Free line products to try and I LOVED them. Since I wear my hair curly majority of the time, the Humidity Shield Spray was my everyday favorite. The shampoo, conditioner, and styling creme were awesome, but found that they worked better when I was blow drying my hair straight.

Which leads me to my next point… I went to the ULTA salon last week with my friend Amy for #FrizzFreeFriday. ULTA had advertised about them it their mailer and I immediately scheduled appointments. $10 for a blowout with Living Proof products AND a $10 coupon towards any Living Proof product purchase? SIGN ME UP.

I had made our appointments for 6:00 and 6:30 pm; the woman who scheduled me said they only took 30 minutes and she would put us both under my name. Great, couldn’t wait!

I got there at 5:50 p.m. and told them I had an appointment. When I got back there, the stylist had just brought someone back from the wash bowl. She had hair down to her butt and it was sopping wet. Ok, clearly my 6 pm appointment wasn’t happening. I asked how long it would be and the stylist responded with an attitude “I still have to cut and dry her so it’s going to be awhile”. Um, okay? I was already irritated but I tried to brush it off and said my friend and I would go grab a drink and come back.

Well we came back at 6:45 pm and she was STILL not done. I went to the front and told the girl what was going on and she called the store manager up to the front. Apparently the salon manager had left and the store manager had just gotten back from vacation (they’re two separate businesses for all intensive purposes). She walked back and looked at the schedule and her excuse for not knowing what in the heck was going on was just “I was on vacation and the salon and store are two separate things”. No apologies, no suggestions, nothing.

Whatever. So I finally get started at 7 pm (an hour after MY appointment and 30 minutes after my friends’ appointment) and the stylist apologizes a few times but said they didn’t put it in the computer the right way and it wasn’t her fault. I understand that, but it was still wrong and you’re justifying it when you should just be apologizing for the ridiculous delay.

She didn’t wash my hair with Living Proof products (I know the smell), and then didn’t ask me which type of blowout I wanted (there were supposed to be two options). The kicker? She recommended a different product when I was finished and it wasn’t Living Proof. So pretty much I got a shafty blowout an hour after my appointment and was treated with no sense of customer service whatsoever.

Livid. ULTA, you did my dirty and I’m not happy about it. I love you, but we’re in a fight. .

But regardless of their mistakes, I love Living Proof and their products. And with my $10 coupon, I picked up their Curl Enhancing Mousse and I’m obsessed with it. Like, hands down one of the best products I’ve ever used.

Lessons to be learned? People aren’t always apologetic or know how to apologize when they mess up. Just because you don’t know what’s going on doesn’t mean you don’t have to apologize. Living Proof has the best products and it’s a shame my specific ULTA salon couldn’t showcase that.

There’s still one more #FrizzFreeFriday, so call your ULTA and see if you can get in! Hopefully you have a better experience than me 🙂

Have you used Living Proof products? What are your favorite products?

DISCLAIMER: I love the ULTA brand as a whole and am just disappointed in my local salon. This is no way changes my view of ULTA as a brand. 




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