Top 20 Best Sellers of 2019

One of my favorite parts about my job is finding practical and AFFORDABLE fashion for other women. Styling hasn’t always come easy to me and after almost 33 years I know why. I was always trying to wear things that other people wore. It took me a very long time to settle in on what my style was, what I liked, and what looked best on me. Being able to inspire other women to dig deep and find their own style and help them look and feel good is honestly one of the most rewarding parts of what I do!

When I pulled the data for the best sellers of 2019, I wasn’t surprised that majority of them were from Amazon! I’ve been shopping Amazon fashion for awhile and I’ve perfected how I find some of the things I do and make sure they’re quality items. You can read a full blog post on how to shop for clothes on Amazon here.

But I wanted to share the top sellers because most of them are still in stock and great staples! A lot of them are designer dupes which home girl is a huge fan of and apparently so are you! Can’t beat the prices 🙂 So without further adieu, here you go!



Polka Dot Dress 

Leith “dupe” dress 

Belted dress 

Lace dress

Mommy and me swimsuits : (The seller I bought it from is no longer available but there are a ton of other sellers with the same suits)

Leopard cardigan 

Comfy jumpsuit

Off-the-shoulder jumpsuit: (the style I purchased is no longer available but there are a few other options that are cute too!)

Polka dot “Pretty Woman” dress 

Long sleeve rainbow tee 

Off-the-shoulder tie blouse

Colorblock cardigan 

Swing shift dress (This one is currently out of stock)

Kids Christmas pjs

Rustic Farmhouse buffet (Currently 25% off!)

Tom Ford designer dupe sunglasses

Camo sweatshirt 

Ruffle trim jumpsuit

Off-the-shoulder bell sleeve blouse

AC/DC tee 




Feel free to message me or comment if you have any questions with sizing.. happy to help! And I just wanted to say a huge THANK you to everyone who made a purchase using one of my links. By making a purchase using one of my affiliate links, I make a small commission and it helps support my blog and essentially my dreams. SO THANK YOU!

Excited to see what the new year brings! Have a great weekend! xo



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