A tribute to soldiers coming home.

My husband told me about this the other night and I didn’t believe him when he told me it was hard for him to watch. This is one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen and if you have a few minutes, please take a minute to watch for yourselves.

(In case the video above doesn’t work, you can view it here: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=9438508&categoryid=2378529)

As someone who has been in this position, I cannot even begin to describe the emotions that overcome you when you finally see your soldier after a deployment. 
It was 7 months to the day when I saw Z get off that plane from Afghanistan, and then watched him get back on the plane two weeks later for another 3 months over there. I thank God everyday for bringing him home safe to me and for allowing me to experience this amazing homecoming moment twice. 
As much as I pray that we never have to experience this again, especially for the sake of our children, I am so blessed to know what this special moment feels like and be apart of a select few who do.

With less than 1% of the population serving in our military, it’s hard to remember that this is “real life” for people on a daily basis. Until I married into the military, I lived in my own little bubble where I didn’t think about wars and soldiers and sacrifice. But this is my reality now, as it is a reality for so many other people around the country. I urge you to take a minute and think about the sacrifices military families make on a daily basis. It’s a lot harder than we make it look most of the time. 

Thank you to all of those who serve to protect our country and for their families who sacrifice so much on the home front.  
God bless.


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