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How to make money after cleaning out your closet




Are you ready to make money after cleaning out your closet?

A good closet clean does wonders for the soul. Decluttering, getting rid of things you don’t wear or finally letting go of that pair of pants that no longer fits. Despite keeping them for years in hopes that you’ll fit into them again, you need to let them go. A wise person once told me that if you haven’t worn it in 6 months, it needs to go. Classic pieces are worth keeping but if you haven’t worn it in 6 months, LET IT GO! You’re not going to wear it.

But what do you do with all of the clothes you collect during your clean out? Well you have a few different options. And I’ve pretty much tried all of them; some have worked better than others and there are definitely pros and cons to each of them.

Donate: This isn’t going to make you money but is obviously one of the best things you can do. I’ve always donated to Goodwill because of the convenience of the drop-off locations but if you can find a Women’s Shelter that’s in need, I think that would be a great option as well.

Apps: Two of my favorite apps to sell, buy and swap are Vinted and Poshmark. These apps allow you to list all of your items and interact with other users. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, or swap, these are a great place to go. They stand behind their items and offer protection so you know you won’t get scammed or receive junk. I’ve personally had an issue on Poshmark where I received an item that was not authentic and they immediately refunded me the money.

Facebook groups: Local Facebook groups can be an easy way to sell your items as well. Garage sale/yard sale pages seem to be the most popular but there may even be mommy swap pages where you can swap or sell items as well. Be careful when using these types of internet tactics and always meet in a public place.

Ebay/Craigslist: These are still around but they’re definitely not as popular as they once were. More people are using apps or Instagram or things that make it easier and quicker. But they’re worth a try if you’re not succeeding with other options.

Instagram: This one may sound crazy but with the power of Instagram and hashtags, this is a great way to find the right people. By using hashtags such as #shopmycloset, #closetsale, #instasale, etc you will be visible to anyone looking for these types of accounts. This will only work if your account is public so if you don’t want to make your account public, make a secondary account just for selling your items. I actually recommend the latter anyways!

ThredUP: I love ThredUp and mostly because of the convenience. They are a website where you can sell and shop gently worn items. They’re the largest online consignment shop and thrift store and they always have new arrivals. But one of my favorite parts about them is the ability to sell your items to them through their Clean Out Kit. You can request one on their website and they’ll send you a kit, which includes a bag with a pre-paid shipping label. They take what they want and then offer you a payout. You can receive store credit, money through PayPal or donate to a cause.  If you would like the items they don’t choose to keep sent back to you, there is an extra cost. If you choose to forego that, your items will not be sent back and will be donated. You can get $10 towards your first purchase by visiting this link!

Resale shops: Places like Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor, and local resale or consignment shops can be hit or mess. They are VERY picky about the items they take and it can sometimes be frustrating. The last time I took a box full of things I received $15 for 5 items. And they were practically new, name brand items. Was I disappointed? Yes. But at that point I had already exhausted all of my other options and $15 was better than nothing.

There can be a lot of work involved in selling your items but here are some tips to make it easier:

Make sure all of your items are stain-free, clean and folded or hung nicely.

Take clean, bright and clear pictures so the buyers know exactly what they’re receiving.

When calculating the price, make sure you’re charging enough for shipping or let the buyers know the shipping cost.

If selling online, ask your buyers for feedback after receiving their items. This will help you gain the trust of other buyers.

Don’t get discouraged. I’ve been turned down time and time again by stores and have piles of clothes sitting in my closet. It’s super fun to try and sell everything in the beginning but after a certain point, I just want it gone. Don’t hoard it forever; that defeats the purpose of cleaning out your closet!  

Not sure what to do with all of your old clothes, shoes and bags? Here's how to make money after cleaning out your closet




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