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Reasons why I never get anything done

I’ve been on the struggle bus when it comes to staying focused and getting things done. And this isn’t anything new. I’ve been like this since college. I’m easily distracted. Even when I would lock myself in my room to study, I would be thinking about a billion different things and never get much done. But somehow I eventually finished what I needed to. I’ve successfully made it thus far so I guess it has a way of working itself out, right?

But there are definitely time sucks aka things that distract me and make my job 110% harder. And it feels like it’s getting worse! These seem to be the biggest reasons I never get any work done:

Facebook: I literally find myself refreshing my Facebook and looking for new things every few minutes. I think a lot of it is business based; I’m in a ton of  different groups with other creatives and I find it so interesting to read through the threads and continue learning about my field.

Instagram/Snapchat: We’ll bundle those together because there are times I need to be on them working and other times where I just find myself refreshing and scrolling. And sending stupid Snaps with stupid filters. I really need to put my phone somewhere when I’m trying to get actual work done…

Groupon. I’ve never been more obsessed with Groupon than I am now. Maybe it’s because I have kids and I have found so many fun things to do in our area but I literally check it everyday. I’m actually headed to the spa today to use one of them and I CANNOT WAIT.

Let’s throw other deal sites here too for shits and giggles because those can take up a lot of time in the morning… Zulily, Groopdealz, Jane, and more.

Links for the blog. When I’m compiling links for the blog, whether it be a round-up of my favorite jumpsuits or the links above for example, I somehow find myself surfing the site and things flying into my cart. I just don’t know how that happens…

My kids. “Mommy I want a snack” “Mommy I need wiped” “Mommy he hit me”… I swear, it’s never ending. I play referee or taxi driver all day and when all is said and done, I’m only without my kids for 1.5 hours a day. And that’s when I’m at the gym. So you can imagine how trying to get work done would be so challenging, right?!

Emails. I leave my mailbox open when I’m actually sitting down to work at my computer. When I have a new email, it notifies me so I look at it. And then once I answer one email I find about a billion that I’ve flagged and need to respond to. Which triggers a reminder that I have a certain deadline coming up. Which brings me to my next distraction..

Starting something and not finishing what I was originally doing. You know in Up when the dogs see a squirrel and immediately stop what they’re doing and chase it. They’re my spirit animals. Because that’s literally my life. I’ll start something and then get so into something else that I forget to finish what I was originally doing. And then it never gets done or I remember last minute.

The smallest sound. The click of a mouse. The chomp of a chip. Literally, I cannot stand these sounds and to me, it sounds like they’re amplified 110% and THEY.DRIVE.ME.INSANE.

And last but not least, everything. I asked my husband what he thinks distracts me most and his answer was “everything other than what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Maybe I have ADHD, who knows. I’ve never been formally diagnosed (although I plan to ask my doctor at least ways to deal with this insanity) but focusing just seems to be getting worse as I get older! Another reason getting older is just the pits…

If you’re like me and can’t focus for anything, GIVE ME YOUR TIPS! Maybe I’ll give them a try and then compile a post so that other non-focusers can unite and learn to cope. 





  • Alex Snider

    I’m the exact same way! I’ll be in the middle of doing something and my kids will interrupt me and I’ll forget what I was doing. I’m really bad about waiting until the last minute, too, to get things done. Like, today for example, I need to get food in the crockpot, go to the store, make some cupcakes, buttercream and fondant, but here I am, reading blog posts. Oh well, it will get done eventually!

  • Casey

    I still, for the life of me, can’t focus. EVER. ON ANYTHING. I wondered why I would sit in a two hour long class and not be able to tell you much about what I learned. Maybe I have undiagnosed ADD? No idea. Anyway, I feel you boo!

  • Christie Brown

    Hahahhaa this is the story of my life. Especially when it comes to Instagram. It’s my Kryptonite, I tells ya! That and thinking about food. Always thinking about food. 😛

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  • Leanna

    I get so distracted all the time too, even when I have a list and I set timelines for myself. I’ve found that putting my phone across the room helps. Instagram is my biggest time suck so I need to keep my phone far, far away. Also, I only allow myself to check my email twice a day, once in the morning and once after dinner. Otherwise i’d be on there all the time. Good luck!

  • Leslie

    Haha, you sound like me! I look at social media all day! I have no idea what I am looking for, I am just looking. I can’t bring myself to delete the apps from my phone though. I do try to stay away from them on the weekends, notice i said TRY. Hah.

  • Cheryl

    Omgee this is me. We need a support group! LOL

  • Sondra Barker

    This is great and so true! I am with you 100% on the Instagram and Snapchat, sometimes I have to force myself to not go on them by putting my phone away from me not at close reach.

  • Liane

    Instagram and face book suck you in! I have the same problem. Especially with 3 kids, it constantly feels like I’m playing catch up..

  • Veronika Sykorova

    I think you’re fine, its just the distractions of todays life. I’m the exact same. The biggest one for me is probably starting doing something new before finishing the thing I was doing first. Next thing I know, I’m working on 10 projects at once unable to finish any of them

  • I’m the same way – literally all of these things, just swap kids with my dog. I’ve been trying to close my inbox more often. Trying being the keyword there. It does help! Also, I’ve started using KanbanFlow to keep up with my to-do list(s). I write them out in my Day Designer every day, but something about seeing them in those color coded columns lights a fire under my booty.

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