I-ELLA {Review}

If you’ve been around for awhile or don’t know me well enough yet,  I hate the stereotypes that moms, especially stay-at-home-moms get; we spend all day in sweatpants, sitting on the couch and eating bon-bons, right? Not.
So how do I prove the stereotype wrong? By being a modern mommy and a fashionista in anyway and every way I know how! 
I was recently contacted by I-ELLA and I love everything about this company! There are a few different components of the company that make it perfect to get involved in  different ways. 
You can buy, sell, trade, or borrow from other women in the community! With so many options, there’s definitely something for everyone. Don’t want to pay full price for a designer bag? Looking for a dress you know you’ll only wear once? Check someone else’s closet! 
My favorite part about this has to be The List service! What is it?
The List by I-ELLA, is a monthly subscription program where members receive a gift bag of new designer goodies (clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories) and free product samples.
It’s like having a personal stylist shop for you.

Past brands have included: Gorjana, Sam + Lavi, A+Ro, Cynthia Steffe, Billy Kirk, Kara Ross, Lauren Merkin, Smashbox, Dana Maxx, Tucker by Gabby Sabora, Chan Luu, Walter, Kooba, Chanel nail polish, FEED Bags,  and more. 

How it works:
1.)  Members choose a gift bag (Starter, $59 (+shipping));  SoHo, $129 (+shipping);  St. Barth’s $389 (shipping included))
2.)  Complete their style profile including such information as your age, style (are you Upper East Side Princess or SoHo Chic), and other information.
3.)  I-ELLA puts together a fashion gift box of designer items and free product samples.
4.)  Members receive a total surprise.

Items are generally current season.
The gift bags can be worth almost double the value or more (i.e. The SoHo Bag for $129.00 could be worth over $260.00)
 I received the SoHo Bag and this is what it consisted of:
Deepa Gurnani Crystal Headwrap: $55

Seawicks of Maine Candle: $15

Elena Rubin Skincare Carpe Diem Day Lotion: $49

Side note: I didn’t really care for this lotion. It felt thick and like sunscreen on my face. I might use it at night instead of during the day but other than that, not my favorite moisturizer. 

Hand in Hand Soap: $9

Pureology Hair Oil: $20
Side note: I absolutely loved this! I used it in both wet and dry hair and it gave me shine and sent the fly aways packing!
And of course I saved the best for last:
The most adorable Cynthia Steffe “Reese” Cream lace dress: $248
I absolutely love this dress! It made me feel so feminine and pretty; I loved the cut, style, and just everything about it. It was a little big so I went and got it altered; in the case I didn’t want to do that, I could have swapped the size with I-ELLA themselves, or tried to sell or swap with the other members in the community.
So as you can see (if you’ve been adding up) the total value of this package was $369. However, the subscription was only $129
 Is this service something I could afford every month? Probably not. However, I think that it’s a great treat once in awhile. Sometimes I don’t have time to go shopping or get out and find new products, so The List service did it for me!
I can tell you I plan on browsing everyone’s closet once in awhile. Just as I bargain hunt in the mall, I can now bargain hunt online! There’s always a way to be trendy, and you don’t have to pay full price to do it! 

There are a few rules and regulations you may want to read before getting involved, such as return policy, celebrity auctions, etc, but they are all described in great detail and easy to understand on the site.

Happy shopping 🙂 

I received these items as a gift to facilitate the review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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