I’m coming home again…

[Intro – Kanye West]
And you say Chi city,
Chi city, Chi city

[Chorus – Chris Martin]

I’m coming home again.
Do you think about me now and then?
Do you think about me now and then?
Cause I’m coming home again
I’m in home again.

Well, technically Chicago is NOT my home. But seriously, whenever I leave that city, I ask myself why I don’t live there.
My love for the city began in 8th grade. We took a trip there for school, and the sights and sounds enthralled me. I’m from Cleveland and our city is pretty much a crap hole compared to Chicago. I’ve learned to embrace it and find things I like about it, but compared to Chicago, well there really isn’t any comparison.
Anyways, my aunt, uncle and my cousins live there and I usually try and make a visit once a year. I’ve been there in the summer, fall and winter, and let me tell you, I love everything about it.
But it wasn’t until college that I really appreciated the city. Taking the “L” from point A to point B. Going to the bars. Touring the city. Shopping Magnificent Mile. Picturing myself in a studio apartment and doing all of these things in real life. This is what I wanted.
Well, when I graduated, I had no job, no money to be able to afford this life without a job, and no chance of going there. So I thought maybe in a few years…
But then, I met Zach and he joined the Army so Chicago was out of our future for awhile. Who knows what will happen down the road but since there aren’t any Army bases in Chicago, it seems like that won’t be an option until he’s out (3 years and counting…)
So for now, I will have to settle for visits to family and friends…including this weekend!
My cousin Melanie is getting married to the most amazing man, David, and I am so thrilled to watch them tie the knot. Stay tuned for pictures…you know this mama is going to be snapping away!
What’s your favorite city??




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