FabKids Fashion Challenge

You all know I’m obsessed with fashion; I think that’s a no brainer. But what I also love more than dressing myself, is dressing my babies. Little clothes are SO much cuter and a lot more fun than my own.
When FabKids contacted me in regards to their fashion challenge, I knew it would be RIGHT up my alley! So here are the six pieces I chose, and the 5 outfits I created with them:
Top row: Tee//Jeans//Sweatshirt
Bottom row: Jacket//Pants//Tee





I wanted to take another picture with him in the “Let’s Do This” shirt but unfortunately, my model was very high maintenance and required a nap…along with his own dressing room and fresh fruit basket. Not sure who he thinks he is 😉
Be sure to check out FabKids and the specials and deals they are always running! Being a first time customer gets you a great deal on your first outfit too!


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