15 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 15 weeks
Size of baby: Navel orange
Baby’s weight: 4.5 in 2-3 oz
My total weight gain: 10 pounds. Yikes… but I’m sticking to the fact that I was extremely little (for me) when I got pregnant. 
Baby’s development: Tiny bones in the ear are in place which means she can HEAR me! Backbone is stronger now, baby has eyelashes and eyebrows, and skin is translucent. 
Stretch marks: None.
Maternity clothes: I busted out the maternity pants this week which are still too big but I’d rather have them falling off a little than be in my normal jeans and squishing out my muffin top! 
Gender: Girl (hopefully) haha we go in 4 weeks to confirm.
Movement: I thought I felt her once or twice but I’m not positive yet.
Sleep: Insomnia is kicking in and I’ve been wide awake for 1-2 hours every night.
What I miss: Clear skin; I look like a pubescent teenager. 
Food cravings: Sushi and french fries (although I’ve been good and haven’t gotten the latter).
Symptoms: Sore breasts, ACNE, emotional.
Nolan is: getting more teeth; Lord help me. He’s done a pretty okay job with it so far but I still feel so bad for him. 
Zach is: full force into the Georgia house hunt! We are so excited! 
What I’m looking forward to: only 4 more weeks in NY 🙂 
Best moments: going shopping for my baby girl; Gap and Children’s Place have had unbelievable sales and of course, I’ve already placed a bow order too.

Funny things: Nolan lifting up his shirt when you talk about the baby being in the belly…
Not so funny things: not knowing when I want to move to Georgia yet… more on that to come next week. 
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