5 ways to keep the romance alive from a distance.

Since Z and I have been apart more than we’ve been together (almost caught up now), we’ve learned to keep our relationship fresh and alive with thousands of miles between us. 
Whether you’re a military spouse, your spouse travels for business often, or is even gone for weekends, I wanted to share a few ways for you to feel a little better about them being gone. Of course, none of these things can compare to really having them there, but when duty calls, it calls. 
1. Use technology: Yes, thank God for Skype and FaceTime. When Z was deployed to Afghanistan, he would call me on Skype every chance he had. It ranged from once a week to once every three weeks, depending on what was going on. But every time that Skype sound went off, my stomach filled with butterflies and I couldn’t wait to see his face (pixelated or not..thanks crappy internet). 
But what about taking FaceTime or Skype a step further? Which brings me to my next point. 
2. Internet dates: What I would give to have a night out with my hubby, sans children, and without a phone or computer screen in between us. But for now, that’s not an option. I know this may feel silly, but get dressed up as if you’re going out on a real date. Whether it’s a morning cup of coffee or pizza and drinks, treat your time online as if it were a quality night out on the town. Stay on for hours if you can! This may be the closest you get to face-to-face contact for awhile so take advantage of it.

3. Snail mail: Zach was king of this during basic and has since slacked a little (sorry babe). But is there anything more exciting than getting a letter/postcard/card in the mail? I mean, we all love mail and I will never be one to think it’s a waste of paper. Even just sending a letter saying “I love you and miss you” is the sweetest thing in the world. I’ve saved all of our letters from basic and I love looking back and reading them 🙂 
4. Thoughtful gifts: Before Z leaves, I usually hide little notes in his luggage or envelopes for him to open on certain days while he’s gone. My most creative gift to date cost me $1; I purchased one of those weekly pill containers (you know, that have each day of the week and a little slot for the pills), and wrote a little note for him to open each week he was gone. These little acts go a long way and it gives them something to look forward to each week they’re away. And as noted above, it doesn’t have to break your bank 🙂
5. Stay connected: I don’t mean literally, but emotionally. Overuse “I love you”, tell them you miss them, and include them on everything you do. Whether your son said a new word or you won $5 on a lottery ticket, tell them. Make each other feel as though you are right there with them and that you’re not missing a beat while apart. I kept a list of everything and made sure to refer to the list when we finally were able to talk. Oh and start a countdown, it’s fun to look at each day 🙂 
Distance is only a slight obstacle in a long and happy future together 🙂 How do you keep the romance alive while apart? 
Oh and guess who gets to see her hubby tomorrow… THIS GIRL! <3 Happy day to me! 


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