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Dear Paislee {2 months}

Dear Paislee,
So I know this post was due over two weeks ago, but it fell on our anniversary and I didn’t want Daddy to get jealous. He already is 😉


But you’ve grown up so much already and really aren’t a newborn anymore 🙁 I can’t complain though, you’re sleeping 6-8 hours 10-11 hours (it changed since I wrote this…lucky me, right?!) at night and it is awesome. Your brother was a terrible sleeper and it’s so nice to not be a walking zombie during the day. So thank you for that.
You’re growing so quickly; you’re mostly wearing 3-6 month clothing with a few 0-3 months fitting here and there. I love dressing you; I was meant to have a girl and it’s crazy how much you look like me. It freaks your dad out a little and he already plans to lock you in the basement and only let you out if you’re wearing turtlenecks.
You’re getting more vocal too! I caught it on video the other day and your coos are pretty much the sweetest thing in the world. Daddy doesn’t remember Nolan making all this noise because he was in Afghanistan, so it melts my heart when he gets so excited when you do it. You all just make me so happy.
You had your two month check-up a few weeks ago and were not a fan of shots. I knew you would be a hot mess; you’re a true diva and it broke my heart to see you so upset. Luckily, you have a very caring big brother and he held your hand the whole time. I don’t think I will ever be able to explain the happiness in my heart when I see you two together. There’s really nothing better.
You still love your Moby wrap and it’s pretty much the only place you want to be during the day. You’ll hang out in your swing or rainforest for a little but when it’s time to sleep, you want cuddled up and near my heart. I don’t care what anyone says, I will keep you in this little kangaroo pouch for as long as I can.
We’ve started calling you “Lady” and I’m pretty sure it’s going to stick, just like we called Nolan “Bubba” for the longest time. That’s evolved to “Bubby” now so I’m sure yours will change over time. But for now, you’re “Lady”. And you’re the happiest and most smiley baby I’ve ever seen.
We love you Lady! Until next month,


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