Sick Mama and Baby

I apologize for being off the grid yesterday; Bubba has a middle ear infection and bronchitis and I have some sort of bug 🙁

I can’t remember the last time I had a fever and felt this crappy but I can tell you, it’s WAY worse when you have a sick baby simultaneously.

However, I wanted to leave you with a few pics of our weekend (pre-sickness). We had a freakishly warm day, I mean I’m talking shorts and tank tops here… so what did we do? Played naked in the leaves of course! Don’t worry, I wasn’t the naked one… but doesn’t this little baby booty just make you laugh? So precious 🙂

We also attended a haunted hayride and fall event and had such a great time. They had cookies, hot chocolate, a bonfire on the beach (with s’mores) and we were also able to check a few things off our fall bucket list!

Admiring his first pumpkin

Bubba’s girlfriend, Riley 

In line for the hay ride

S’mores at a bonfire

Only a few things left! 

More to come this week…it’s finally Halloween!! 🙂




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