A typical night out in college (brought to you in GIFs)

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about Spring Break recently and I’ve come to one conclusion and one conclusion only….I really miss college. I miss living with my best friends, sleeping in, pigging out on junk food, and sometimes, I even miss going to class.

And although I don’t miss the hangovers, I do miss getting all dolled up and heading out with my friends on the weekends. Okay who are we kidding, heading out on the weeknights too.
If you’ve experienced a night like this in college, raise your hand. And then, raise your glass…
Pregaming: You’re hanging around the house, jamming out to power hour, and throwing back drinks like it’s your job. Most of the time, you’ll black out before you leave the house because it’s just cheaper that way.
So then you head to the bar and start buying rounds for everyone. You open a tab, and most likely, forget to close it when you leave.

And then you hit the dance floor and you’re all like, “KEEP ‘EM COMING… I JUST WANT TO DANCE!”


But your friends are all like “Girl, you need to go home” but you’re all like, “I’m not that drunk!


So then you head back to the house for a late night, convince yourself you’re not even drunk, and continue to take alcohol to the face.


And then it hits you… you’re STARVING. So you need to make some food and fast. But you end up screwing it up and needing to order pizza. Which also arrives after you or someone else have already passed out…



Then you pass out with your clothes on. In your roommates bed.
And then you wake up and have an 8 a.m. class and swear you’re never drinking again…
Until 5 p.m the next day…


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