We made it to Friday friends! And what a week it’s been. I picked up N from school on Monday because he had a bad tummy ache. He did this last week when I was in ATL and I thought he just wanted to get out of school since my mom was watching P that day. But then he threw up Saturday! So I didn’t want to take any chances in case he did it again. He ended up being fine but then Wednesday, P woke up with a high fever (which ended up being strep throat). So our house got a nice deep clean and I’m hoping me and the baby stay germ free!

I also had my mid-pregnancy ultrasound this week and then headed to Nordstrom for Beauty Trend Week! Always nice to get a little pampering done and try new trends and products. If only I had someone to do my makeup like this everyday… a girl can dream.


How far along: 19 weeks + 4 days

Size of baby: Mango

Baby’s size and weight: 5.98 inches and 8.5 ounces according to the app… my appointment told me she was 10 ounces!

My total weight gain: 20 pounds. Woof. Trying to remember it will come off…

Baby’s development: 

Developing that gross (sorry, it’s true) protective coating (vernix caseosa) all over the skin.

5 senses are developing via nerve cells.

Stretch marks: Just a few on my side from my previous pregnancies.

Maternity clothes:  Yes and no; I’m still sizing up in normal clothes and grabbing some maternity clothes as well. I ordered these pieces and also received a few from Pink Blush. More to come on those soon!

Gender: Girl…confirmed it this week again haha

Movement: Oh my gosh she doesn’t stop now. All day and all night!

Sleep: Still taking Unisom.

What I miss: Being able to drink coffee without worrying my anxiety will get blown out of proportion. I’ve been getting decaf to be safe.

Food cravings: I was craving stuffing last week… weird, I know.

Symptoms: Neck, shoulder and back pain are really bad. I feel like I must be sleeping weird or something. Still doing weekly or every other week pre-natal massages.

The siblings are: somewhat uninterested in feeling baby move. I asked P the other day if she wanted to try and feel the baby move and her response was “no I’ll just see her at the hospital.” Whateverrrrr haha

High of the week: Getting to see her during my mid-pregnancy ultrasound and having Z there with me. He hasn’t been home for this ultrasound for either of my pregnancies so it was cool he got to see everything getting measured.

Low of the week:  Lady woke up with a fever the other night so we’ve been taking it easy the past few days. I can’t afford to get sick!

We’re going on a little staycation downtown this weekend and I am so excited! We are going to be checking out a new hotel, some restaurants, and some attractions… all family-friendly! It’s also our 7 year anniversary this Saturday so we’re hoping to sneak away for dinner, just the two of us. Not sure how it’s already been 7 years but it feels like way longer since we’ve jam packed so much into such a short amount of time. Make sure you’re following along on Instagram for a sneak peek at our adventures. And have a great weekend! XO


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  • Cate

    Congratulations Samantha! I had no idea you were pregnant again! You look as beautiful as ever!

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