Is anyone else excited for the warm weather that today is supposed to bring?! I think I’m most looking forward to opening the windows and getting some fresh air up in here. It’s supposed to snow again next week so give me all the warmth. Is it spring yet?

Not much to report this week except baby’s gender! It’s a…



Just kidding, not yet. But read a little further to see an update!

Here’s the rest of the Bumpdate: 13 weeks:

How far along: 13 weeks + 4 days

Size of baby: Lemon

Baby’s size and weight: 2.01 inches 0.81 Ounces

My total weight gain: 10 lbs

Baby’s development: 

Baby is forming vocal cords and teeth.

Baby has fingerprints!

Baby’s intestines are moving from umbilical cord to their permanent place in the tummy (I didn’t even know they were in the umbilical cord?)

Stretch marks: None.

13 Weeks Pregnant- Bumpdate

Ignore the mess in my office.. it’s a work in progress!

Maternity clothes: I’m living for these bras but I’ve needed the extenders to fit comfortably. I’ve also been wearing my maternity jeans and just cute, normal shirts that I’ve sized up to a medium.

Gender: I know you guys are dying to know soooo I have an update for you! I told you we decided not to wait until delivery in July, and that we were going to wait to announce after my ultrasound March 6th. BUT I decided I couldn’t wait another 6 weeks SO, I made an appointment at an early ultrasound place for next Friday. So stay tuned… not much longer now 🙂

Movement: Still not sure if I’ve felt it or not… I’m sure as it gets bigger I’ll be able to tell for sure.

Sleep: I skipped my Unisom a few nights ago and it was a mistake. I woke up at 4:30 for the day and I was so tired. Looks like I’ll be needing to take it until further notice.

What I miss: My boobs not hurting, normal bras, and wine.

Food cravings: Nothing specific. I’ve been really into salads though!

Symptoms: Exhaustion, digestive issues (sorry, TMI).

The siblings are: starting to get back into a routine after break and all of the snow days.

High of the week: Scheduling my early ultrasound. I suck at surprises y’all. Oh and I bought some gender neutral onesies…just in case.

Low of the week: Apparently our house in Georgia needs a new control board on the outside system. But they can’t locate a new board for the brand so we have to replace the entire outdoor unit now. Which is a butt ton of money. I swear, can’t catch a break around here.

In case you missed it, I shared some first trimester must haves. 

My birthday is next week and it doesn’t even feel like it. When you’re turning 31, it’s not as fun as the other birthdays! All I want is a Cassata cake.. come to mama.

Have a great weekend babes! Enjoy the semi-nice weather! xo



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