Christmas pictures sneak peek + discount code

Before you shun me for talking about Christmas prior to Thanksgiving, let me explain! My dear friends Amy and Lindsay hosted a Toy Drive a few weeks ago and of course we wanted to participate. Your sitting fee was waived for bring a new, unopened toy… how nice is that? Here are a few of my favorite shots from the kiddos session.
And don’t mind me looking less than presentable; I hadn’t planned on being in the pictures but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to read a book to my littles. But I didn’t actually read it because it’s “The Soldiers Night Before Christmas” and apparently it’s a tear jerker. No thanks, not right now.


But see that adorable little sign up there?  I’m in love. A local shop, Iris Lane Designs, is the creative behind that and a ton of other amazing signs. And because she’s so sweet, she’s giving my readers 20% any purchase with the code “samanthashow”. She has a ton of options… remember those cute little “Days until Daddy comes home” blocks? Also from her 🙂
Here are a few of my current favorites:
She’s closing up shop on MONDAY, so make sure you get your orders in. Cough Christmas presents cough. Have a great day loves 🙂 XOXO





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