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Friday Night Pizza Night

For as long as I can remember, Friday has been pizza night in my house. We’d spread out blankets, turn on TGIF, and relax as a family. And now that I have my own family, we’ve decided to start the same tradition. Whether we order or make our own, every Friday night is pizza night in our house too. And since we have some amazing friends here who also love a good night of pizza, wine, and relaxing, we usually have them over to join in the fun too.

Making the pizzas is one of the kids’ favorite parts. They can add as many of the toppings as they want and then we don’t have to worry about anyone not getting the kind they like. The best dough I’ve found is the kind where you just add water; it’s easy to manipulate and stretch and doesn’t get too thin. I also bought pizza racks with the holes in them so it makes them perfectly crispy and doesn’t burn on the bottom.







One of my favorite parts about our Friday night pizza nights has to be the wine tasting. My friends and I often each bring a white and a red wine. We do our own mini wine tasting once the kids have gone to bed 🙂 We recently tried VOVETI prosecco; VOVETI is the chic, modern Italian prosecco that embodies affordable luxury and classic style. It’s a high-quality sparkling wine that is upscale and affordable, perfect for everyday pairing or chic entertaining with friends.







Growing up Italian meant large family gatherings all of the time. And although we aren’t close to home and able to spend time with our families as much as we would like to, we’ve made friends here that have turned into family. I hope Friday night pizza nights will continue to be a tradition, and I am thankful that we have friends to spend them with here too.

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What kind of wine do you prefer? Do you have any family traditions? What are your favorite dishes to pair with sparkling wine?

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