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One of the first bloggers I fell in love with when I started blogging was Katie over at For Lauren and Lauren. I love her style, I love her desire to find it at reasonable prices and now, I love her baby girl! When she contacted me about her new series surrounding Baby and Mama fashion, I couldn’t wait to play along!
As you know, I have TWO babies now and as you also know, I have a huge place in my heart for fashion and dressing/shopping for the “real” mom. You know, the one who can’t afford crazy expensive designer pieces or fit into a 00 sized dress.
Well I also like dressing my kids like little people; and as I’ve mentioned before, Gap usually sucks up half of my money solely on their wardrobe. But don’t be fooled; most of their clothing from there has been purchased on the clearance racks and with additional discounts. I never buy anything full price, for myself or babies, and it makes it even more exciting to try and get a good deal.
Here are a few of our looks from the past few weeks; I promise to have some better photos down the road but for now, these Instagram photos will have to do!
Let’s start with my first baby (and for real, he makes this face on his own). This shirt was a set with a sweater vest that I purchased at a second hand store for like, $5. Some people may not like second hand clothing but for kids, it’s totally practical and real talk, the previous owner probably only wore it one time before selling it.


And here’s my princess, Paislee, or Miss P for short. Her bow came from Lilly Bow Peep and I absolutely ADORE her entire selection of headbands and other baby gear. Check them out if you haven’t already!


This outfit was a gift from a friend; complete with little socks that look like shoes. She has a ton of baby shoes but for now, nothing fits here (even these socks were big!)


And because I haven’t wanted to take any pictures since giving birth, here’s the only one I have so far. But I had to celebrate the fact that I wasn’t in maternity clothing for the first time in months! #MOMWIN.
Thanks for the link-up, Katie! See you all next week!


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